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Preparation for Job Interview

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This page provides recommendations for job interview. If you want to study job interview questions, see job interview questions and answers.

Helen is just about to graduate in economics. She has been scheduled for an interview for an entry level position as a bank customer service representative for the City Bank. Helen got this interview from her school employment office. For the interview, Helen is given a set of instructions along with questions most probably she will be asked in the interview.

Below are instructions and questions for the job interviewee (you) for a customer service representative position:

Interview Preparation:

1. Be groomed.

2. Wear proper attire, such as a two-piece suit or jacket and skirt.

3. Do not wear excessive makeup and jewelry.

4. Have a copy of your resume typed and properly formatted. Include references in case the company would like to check your background.

4. During the interview if you are relaxed, you will do well. So meditate before the interview. If you have never meditated before, you still can learn the basics if you have enough time. If you don't have enough time, visualize relaxation every day as often as you can--even when doing the dishes, it will help.

Visualization simply means unstructured meditation you can do any where and any time, so it is easy to visualize relaxation and practice it often. It means you imagine a situation the way you want to occur to you. Visualize that you are being interviewed, you are calm, collected in the interview. Visualize that you answer questions properly. Visualize that you will be just fine if a difficulty arises, such as an unexpected question you are asked or the interviewer is not likeable. Imagine that you will still be fine at the end if you don't answer all questions the way you wish you did. Visualize the stress you may feel and then visualize that you bear with it, and recover your calm. Imagine that you have control over your feelings under this difficult situation.

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