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Negotiate Your Salary at the Interview

Show me how to prepare to negotiate salary



Diane: I've been called in for a second interview. I'm going to meet my prospective boss tomorrow.

Mary: Wow! You've got the job, Diane. What's the starting salary?

Diane: I don't know it yet. I hope they'll offer me minimum 50 thousand dollars.

Mary: You should be offered that much at least, I think. What if they don't?

Diane: If they don't, I still need the job.

Mary: You shouldn't be afraid of asking for 50K. You're not demanding anything above the threshold.

Diane: I know but there're a lot of candidates for this position. They may offer the job to somebody else if I don't accept their figure.

Mary: You're scared, Diane. But let me tell you this. You're a highly skilled programmer for their business. They will not find somebody easily among the candidates as good as you are.

Diane: But remember, these days the money factor outweighs all others. I've been looking for a position six months now.

Mary: It doesn't hurt to play your card. Just state your skills and what's fair to expect for salary. I'm sure they won't dismiss you outright flat because of that.

Diane: Are you saying it's okay to quote the 50K figure?

Mary: Of course it's ok. Stick to your guns. Be calm and poised when quoting the 50K. Practice at home in front of the mirror how you will talk to them.

Diane: I'm usually a calm person. But I know I must sound professional and negotiate professionally: be calm, poised and state what's fair.

Mary: Excellent. You deserve 50K. If you believe it, you'll get it! Besides, if they called you for a second interview, it's obvious they are interested in you.

Diane: You're encouraging, Mary. I'm glad I've talked to you about it. I've got to go now. Can I call you tonight? I need your help with this.

Mary: Sure. Call me after eight.



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