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Eating Fast Food

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Mike: What'd you want to order?

Megg: I want a double cheese burger, well done with extra french fries, and diet coke.

Mike: You can't eat a double burger as well as extra french fries at once. You'll get sick.

Megg: I know but I like it. What're you gonna eat?

Mike: I'll eat a chicken salad and fruit salad.

Megg: Yucky! I can't stand veggies. You always eat lots of vegetables. How do you like it?

Mike: I like it. But, mostly I got used to eating healthy.

Megg: I wish I could do it, too. I do it, but then again cheat. I had lots of ice cream last night after a healthy salad lunch.

Mike: It's okay if you eat ice-cream. But eat it in moderation and low-fat.

Megg: I can't do it. I've tried several times but failed.

Mike: Megg, you must never give up. If you fail once, then try again and again. If you try all the time, your body will learn to adjust.

Megg: What'd you mean by my body will learn to adjust?

Mike: Your brain will learn not to crave for sugar.

Megg: Well, my body doesn't learn things quickly. I'm always hungry.

Mike: Once you cut down sugar, you will never want to eat all the time. You will eat less carbohydrates.

Megg: What if I don't eat lots of carbohydrates?

Mike: I mean bad carbohydrates like cake, crackers, pretzels, white bread and processed food.

Megg: Okay, I'm listening.

Mike: I'll continue later. Let's order our lunch now. Do me a favor, Megg: Order only one burger and small french fries.

Megg: Alright. I'll give it a try.

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fast food: compound noun. Foods prepared in advance and preserved using chemical in most cases; or foods served over the counter after cooked on premises. "I eat Chinese fast food a lot." "Fast food is not good for you."

What'd: What do

order: transitive verb. To ask for a product or service the way you want (in this conversation). "I ordered three blouses in three different colors." "I order fast food from my home on weekends."

double: adjective. Two in quantity, twice in size or volume of the same thing. "My boyfriend ordered me a double size cocktail."

cheese burger: compound noun. Food containing round grilled beef pad wrapped in a round bread

low-fat: adjective. Decreased fat in food

well done: adjective in past participle verb form : meat cooked thoroughly, not raw. "I like my chicken well-done."

with: preposition. Together. "I am with my friend now." "I talk with my boss every day."

extra: adjective. In addition. additional. I had an extra pen so I gave it to Sam."

french fries: compound noun. Potato sliced cut thin stripes and deep fried; American style deep fried potato chips served with burger mostly.

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diet coke: compound noun. Coke that contains artificial sugar

as well as: adverb. Besides, in addition. I study in college as well as work part-time.

at once: adverb. Immediately. I called my secretary and she answered the phone at once.

You'll: You will

get sick: verb. To become sick. "You get sick if you work hard without a break."

What're you gonna eat? The informal and spoken form of saying "What are you going to eat?" It suggest that an action will occur in an immediate future, or impatience and urgency. "Are you going to visit my mother today?. You know she is sick." This sentence means I am hoping you will see my mother today without delay."

I'll: I will

fruit salad: Different kinds of fruit cut in small pieces and served in a container

Yucky: Exclamation to express strong dislike of something, unpleasant in slang English; avoidable in formal conversations.

can't stand: idiomatic phrase. To have no tolerance toward something. "I can't stand rude people."

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veggies: noun in plural. Vegetables

lots of:adjective. Large quantity. It is used both for countable and uncountable nouns. "You don't have a lot of friends." "I need a lot of money."

I'm: I am

healthy: adjective. to be in good health.

I wish I could do it: A conditional statement used to express inability to do a certain task or action. "I wish I could buy a car. But I don't have money."

cheat: transitive and intransitive verb. To do what is necessary in this conversation. I cheat on my diet (I eat things I should not eat; I eat too much.)

It's: It is

okay or Ok: adverb. It shows agreement or approval. "It is Okay with me to wait for you for dinner tonight."

in moderation: adverb. In small amount, just enough. "I eat sweet in moderation not to get fat."

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several: adjective. Many; used with countable objects. I have purchased three novels." "I told you several times not to do it."

failed: past and participle form of the verb, fail. Not to be able to do what is expected of. Be unsuccessful. "I failed on my test." I have failed to write a good essay."

give up: idiomatic verb. To stop doing something. To lose hope and not to continue to do something. "I tried several times to talk with my boyfriend, but he doesn't want to see me any more. So, I gave up."

What if: idiomatic conditional phrase. It means: What happens? "What if I told you I am pregnant for three months now?" "What if we skip lunch today? We must finish this work before lunch."

all the time: adverb. Always. "You argue with me all the time."

adjust: verb. To change things to accommodate a situation; to modify. "I need to adjust my weekend schedule for this project."

What'd you mean by? a question statement to make sure we understand what someone said. What do you mean by this?

brain: noun. The vital organ of living species, human brain in this conversation.

crave for sugar: a idiomatic verb. To feel like eating sweet a lot. "Stop eating sugar; eat green vegetables and fruits. Then you will not crave for sugar."

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You're right: I agree with you.

Besides: Preposition. In addition. Besides eating healthy, I exercise every day to keep in good shape."

cut down on: To decrease amount on a certain activity, thing. "I have cut down on my schedule to play tennis."

carbohydrates: Starch foods

crackers, pretzels: American snacks considered "junk" food. Junk food stands for foods that are not good for health.

processed food: Food exposed to chemical modification

Do me a favor: An idiomatic expression. It means: I really want you to do it. "Please do me a favor: Never call me again!"

give it a try: idiomatic phrase. To try something which may not be easy to have a good result. "Why not apply for new jobs in the ads?" "Okay. I'll give it a try."

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