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Set Up an Interview for Sales Employee

A Conversation


Rose: This is an applicant for the Sales Rep position being advertised in The New York Times. My name is Rose Block. May I speak to Mr. Greenberg, the Sales Manager?

Gail: Hello, Rose. Mr. Greenberg is in conference at the moment. This is Gail Cole, Assistant to Mr. Greenberg. I set up interviews for Mr. Greenberg. Before then, I need to ask you couple of questions. May I?

Rose: Certainly. Please go ahead.

Gail: Do you have two years of sales experience in the fashion industry?

Rose: Yes, I do. I've worked over four years for Strawberry?

Gail: Ok. Are you still with them?

Rose: Yes, I am. Actually, I 've have been offered a promotion for a supervisory position for the Orange County, New Jersey store. But, I cannot take the offer, because my husband is transferred to the Spring Street Office, Manhattan in his job. We have found an apartment just nearby his office.



to be hot: idiomatic verbal phrase. It means to be popular

set up: idiomatic verb. to arrange

interview: noun. meeting where one person takes questions to answer and the other or others present questions on a subject matter. In this conversation, this is a job interview

place: to make a telephone call in this conversation

applicant: noun. a person who applies for a position

Sales Rep: compound noun. Sales Representative: The person who represents the sales department of a business

screen: v. to make a selection over a pull of applicants for a position by asking them questions

advertise: v. to announce a news, event to the public. In this conversation, a job position is advertised.

The New York Times: a leading newspaper in the U.S. published in New York, the West cost

to be in conference: having a conference with someone

sales: selling

experience: knowledge we gain through doing and making mistakes, and doing the same work for a while so we gain the knowledge of it to do it well

fashion: to design and produce clothing and selling clothing in this conversation

industry: business

to be with somebody or people: to work for somebody or company in this conversation

actually: in reality. Used often in spoken English

Strawberry: noun. is a popular clothing chain store in the U.S.

supervisory: managerial position; being in charge of a staff

position: noun. a job

over (four years): adverbial phrase More than four years

promotion: a higher position in rank and salary

to be transferred: passive voice: to be sent to another place, office

nearby: adjective. near

current: adjective. in the present

offer: v. to give

close down: idiomatic verb. to close, to go out of business

branch: one office in a certain location of a business

to have no choice: I don't have any other choice to take so I have to take this

exactly: as it is. Common in spoken English. It shows strong approval








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