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A Conversation with the Idiom: At Worst



Jim: Why are you crying?

Stacy: I've lost my pocket-book

Jim: I'm sorry to hear that. Where did you lose it?

Stacy: I don't remember. I was carrying so many shopping bags and I'm not sure if I left it on the train.

Jim: Did you call the police?

Stacy: Yes, I did. But they said they cannot do anything about it and suggested I report to the credit card companies. I have reported to credit card companies to cancel all my credit cards and replace them.

Jim: Did you have so much money in it?

Stacy: No. Thanks God. Only $20.

Jim: So, why are worrying now? At worst, it will take a while to get your new credit cards but you have not lost much.



pocket-book: purse women carry around that keeps personal items.

on the train: adverbial phrase. to be boarded the train.

the police: a police organization we contact.

do anything about something: idiomatic phrase. To be able to attend a situation effectively; find a solution

report to: verb. to inform on a matter

cancel: verb. to terminate

replace: verb. to fill in with other thing, person

at worst: adverbial phrase. under the worst conditions, under the worst possibility



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