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Sentences can have two or more nouns or pronouns as their subjects. These are called compound subjects, and they can cause confusion in subject-verb agreement. Are the following sentences correct?

Allen and Liz buy tickets to every concert.

Allen or Liz buys tickets to every concert.

Both sentences are correct. To decide which verb form to use, look at how the parts of the compound subject are connected. In the example sentences, they are connected by and or.

Compound subjects can be connected using: by, or, either...or, neither...nor, not only... but also. Use and to connect two objects--to produce a plural subject--and use the plural verb form.

A pleasant voice and smile make harsh criticism acceptable.

Incorrect: Sam and Toni plays tennis every weekend.

Correct: Sam and Toni play tennis every weekend.

Words like or, neither...nor split the parts of a compound subject. Each noun or pronoun in the compound subject is considered separately. The verb agrees with the part closer to it.

Neither Juan nor Chen wants to go to the game.

Either David or the twins take the dog for a walk.

Not only Pat but also her three brothers work at the Bank of America.




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