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Exercise for Adjective and Adverb Modifiers

Grammar Tutorial


Print this exercise. Write the correct form of the modifier in parentheses.


hungrier Elena is (hungry) than Alex.


1. _____________ This is the (little) enthusiastic group volunteers we have ever had.

2. _____________ Rice, beans and macaroni are the (cheap) items I buy at the grocery store.

3. _____________ Everyone knows that Larry is the (fast) of the two types.

4. _____________ I believe the Sean Pewly is the (good) house painter among all those people who applied.

5. _____________ Linda always dresses (neat) than Pat.

6. _____________ Tom has (few) duties now than he had in this last job.

7. _____________ Amy is (serious) about starting a new business than I am.

8. _____________ Of all the movies you've seen this year, which one was the (exciting)?

9. _____________ I feel much relaxed after swimming than after biking.

10. _____________ Anna has the (good) buys of fruits and vegetables in our area.

11. _____________ Susan was never (happy) than she is now.

12. _____________ Betty traveled (far) in Asia last year than I did.

13. _____________ Yolanda's allergies are (bad) during the summer than during the winter.



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