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All our English Tutors are US natives and reside in the United States. Please select one option below to enroll.


The English Tutor Plan for Spoken English

This plan is for those who want to improve their spoken English, accent and pronunciation. It is ideal if your English is advanced but you are having difficulty in speaking English, or you simply want to learn American accent, with a US English Tutor. You can take one payable trial lesson for 30 USD, or just enroll for 300 USD. We guarantee improvement. See the description.

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The English Tutor Plan for English Writing

This tutor plan has different options for invidual needs: Basic Writing, Essay Writing, and Business Writing. First, you can take two payable trial lessons for 60 USD and then enroll for 300 USD, if you would like to. The three different levels guarantee improvement in your writing skills after you complete the course. See the description.

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Writing Tutorials

The tutorials are online lessons offering rich writing instruction, exercises and online interactive quizzes. These tutorials is an ideal option for improving writing skills with a minimal investment (25 USD). You will use the tutorials at your own time, with email support. See the description.

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The English Tutor Plan for Spoken English and Writing

This tutor plan offers tutoring for grammar, spoken English, vocabulary and pronunciation. For this English tutoring plan, you can take two payable trial lessons (60 USD) in which your English Tutor will assess your spoken and written English, or just enroll for 20 hours (600 USD). You can drop the course before you complete the first ten hours and you will be refunded for ten hours. After the completion of your first enrollment, you can enroll for only ten-hours. See the description.

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SAT-English Preparation Tutor

Call your tutor any time $40, $60, $120


We tutor high school, college students and professionals using Skype that enhances conversational interaction with our US English Tutors. The lessons are interactive, your US English tutor will give you ample time to practice your English and ask your questions. If you are an SAT-English or TOEFL student, lessons will primarily focus on these tests and your tutor will prepare you to enhance your knowledge and test taking skills on these tests. Please make your payments in the Enrollment page if you would like to enroll.

If you are a business professional that need to enhance spoken English, we offer US business professionals that will help you improve your spoken English within a short period of time. We accept payments through Pay Pal. As soon as you make your payment, we will contact you to set up a schedule convenient for you. Thank you for visiting us.



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