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Please first register for membership in order to use the Skype program for Online Tutor English services we offer to our members.You can either register after you install Skype, or before. Please click here to register now.

What is Skype? Skype is a peer-to-peer Internet VoIP telephony network. The Skype communications system is notable for its broad range of features, including instant messaging, file transfer, voice and video conferencing, and its ability to use peer-to-peer technology to overcome common firewall and Network address translation problems. Skype has headquarters in Luxembourg, with offices in London, Tallinn, Prague, and San Jose in California. For further information, please go to http://www.skype.com.

Online Tutor For English uses Skype for purposes indicated below:

Skype In calls: We use the Skype In feature to make free domestic and international calls. In order to use this feature, you need to install the Skype program on to your computer. Once you install Skype on your computer, you can place domestic and international calls for free of charge to your acquaintances as long as the person you call has Skype installed already on his or her computer. If you are not using Skype as yet, we suggest you install Skype first at http://www.skype.com/download/, and then tell your acquaintances about Skype. Here are the instructions to follow for this purpose:

  1. Add contacts to your Skype (enter telephone numbers of your acquaintances)

  2. Let your acquaintances know about Skype if they do not use it as yet. Tell them that they can place free domestic and international calls if they install Skype on their computers.

  3. When you want to make Skype In calls for free, make sure the person you call has Skype already installed on his or her computer.

Skype Out calls: Online Tutor For English uses this feature for making calls to clients who have no computers and use either land-to-land telephone lines (regular telephones) or cell phones. This is not a for-free-feature. But, Skype Out is cheaper than regular rates for domestic and international calls. This feature is for people who have no Skype installed on their computers, who use only land lines or cell phones. Using this feature, you can make much more cheaper domestic and international calls to your acquaintances.

Skypecasts:This is a public and private VoIP (Internet call) feature. With this feature, you can create forums to discuss particular topics and announce them to particular groups of people or to public to have them join in on scheduled hours. If you make this forum exclusively private to only a group of selected people, no one else but only the people you have selected for that group can participate in that forum online discussions. Online Tutor uses both private and public Skypecasts.

Remember to register, if you have not yet. Please click here to register.


peer-to-peer: between to persons connected in a network

VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol. Telephone connection on the Internet


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