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US Native English Tutor Needed

Recent college graduates are encouraged to apply



Our hiring process entails three phases indicated below:

I. Please update your resume by including the information requested below and then send it to Online Tutor For English. Please make sure you clearly state the following in your resume:

  1. You are a native American. You speak English as your first language. We require that you write on top of your resume this statement: "I am a US native and speak English as my first language."

  2. You currently reside in the United States. Please write on top of your resume: "I currently reside in the United States, (City, State), full address."

  3. You have a college degree. Please state the school name and address, major and year of graduation.

  4. State whether you have taught TOEFL and SAT-English; if so, location and duration of employment.

  5. State your work experience in the order of relevant teaching experience; teaching experience in fields other than English, the name of the organization(s) spelled out, duration of employment and duties involved.

  6. State whether you are willing to teach basic writing skills: how to write a good sentence, paragraph, three and four paragraph essay, an email message, business letter and resume.

  7. State your computer skills. Please see the required skills below.

  8. State your Internet skills by checking off each Internet skill indicated below on your resume. If you don't possess per item skill, please put a question mark next to it on your resume.

  9. State the type of computer (laptop or desktop), brand name, specifications of the computer you will be working from at your location. State whether you have a microphone and webcam in working condition that are attached to your computer.

  10. State what type of Internet connection you have.

  11. Include checkable work references. 

II. Install Skype on your computer at http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/get-skype/on-your-computer/windows/ if you haven't yet. Create your account with a Skype User Name. Send your Skype User Name with your resume to the email address above. We will arrange a connection test after we receive your resume with your Skype User Name included.

III. A demo lesson with the client. At this phase, we are confident that you will do well because you will have passed the first and second phases of application process.

Minimum Computer skills required:
You are required to:

People Skills Required:

The applicant must possess superior people skills and professional demeanor. The applicant will be assessed on his or her people skills in the demo assignment.

Internet Skills:
We require you be well-informed of the Internet use for teaching English. You will:

Computer Hardware Requirements: 

You have:

Additional Information:

Please feel free to include additional skills and experience relevant to this position.


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