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We invite you to work with us to have you as part of our team. We're a New York-based English tutoring organization with a unique vision: we aspire to help improve English literacy in the United States and world. For this purpose, we offer free online resources and private tutoring, Our tutors are carefully selected, eminently qualified professionals who are expert in their fields of teaching English. We pay what they earn, deduct only a small fee for advertising and administrative cost. We will:

create your web pages for free

maintain your web site

get you clients and leads

support your professional aspirations. We'll provide reference and recommendation for your good work

support you to earn the fee you quote

In return, we expect that you:

were born in the United States and speak English as your first language

hold a bachelor's degree minimum

hold your degree from a four-year-US-accredited college in the United States

reside in the United States

majored in one of the following:

ESL English Teacher

Reading Teacher

English Literature

Social Studies

Communications, Journalism


International Studies

Political Science

Social Science

have a minimum one year successful teaching experience in the United States

have US checkable references

have a mobile phone with Skype installed

be computer and Internet proficient

have a passion to help English learners master the language to their best

We require that you will be prepared for our model of tutoring US clients and those from Asia and other parts of the world. You will comply with our guidelines in tutoring for English.

Please send your resume and questions to Online Tutor For English. If your qualifications meet our needs, we will check your references and then immediately start our campaign, on your behalf, to land you a position. We hope to establish a relationship with you that is based on mutual thrust and good will. Thank you for your interest in working with us.

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