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Examples of Adjective Clauses

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Adjective Clauses – Their Use in Complex Sentences:

Adjective clauses always modify the noun in the main clause of a complex sentence. For example, look at the following sentences:

The car, which she is driving, runs on electricity.

The adjective clause, “which she is driving,” modifies the noun “car”.

A woman, who was wearing a fancy red dress, red shoes and red handbag, sang on the street and greeted by-passers.

The adjective clause, "who was wearing a fancy red dress, red shoes and read handbag" modifies the noun "woman".

On my vacation, which is only one-week, I will keep my cell phone turned off. The adjective clause, "which is only one-week", modifies the noun "vacation".

This book on Middle East that my friend recommended is the best. The adjective clause, "that my friend recommended", modifies the noun "book".

The doctor that my boyfriend recommended was caring and friendly. The adjective clause, "that my boyfriend recommended", modifies the noun "boyfriend".

Relative Pronouns Act as Subordinators in Adjective Clauses:

Subordinators for adjective clauses are always relative pronouns. Relative pronouns include the words: who, whom, that, known as clause modifiers.

The relative pronoun 'whom' substitutes for nouns and pronouns that relate to people; 'which' modifies nouns animals and things.

'When', 'whose' and 'where' are also relative pronouns. Use 'when' for time; 'where' for place; 'whose' for the possessive form of nouns and pronouns.

"She called me when I was in the middle of a conference."

"I finally remembered where I parked my car." ('where' substitutes for a place)

"I found a dog on the street yesterday whose owner I found out later." ('whose' substitutes for the possessive pronoun 'his' or 'her')

Types of Adjective Clauses

There are two types of adjective clauses:

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