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Same words used both as adjectives and adverbs


Below, you will find the same words used both as adjectives and adverbs:

early, daily, weekly, yearly, hourly, quarterly, fast

These words look like only adverbs, but they are also adjectives, as exemptions to the rule that most adverbs end with 'ly'.

Early success; daily prayer; weekly magazine; yearly salary; hourly rate; quarterly test. In all these examples, the words early, daily, weekly, yearly, hourly and quarterly are adjectives.

How do I know if the word is an adjective or adverb?  The test is if the word modifies a noun, then it is an adjective. In the examples above, the adverb-look-alike words modify the nouns: 'success', 'prayer','magazine', 'salary', 'rate' and 'test'; and therefore they are also adjectives.

These words also modify verbs.

She came home early. In this sentence, "early" is an adverb as it modifies the verb "came".

She made an early call to the doctor. "early" is an adjective because it modifies the noun "call".

I exercise daily. Again, "daily" is an adverb in this sentence.
Daily exercise is good for you.(adjective)

This magazine is published weekly. (adverb)
Weekly published magazines are not expensive. (adjective)

This company evaluates their workers' performance yearly. (adverb)
The yearly performance is the way this company evaluates their workers. (adjective)

We get paid hourly. (adverb)
Hourly-pay is more common than weekly pay these days. (adjective)

They change my work schedule quarterly. (adverb)
Some people prefer quarterly schedules to monthly schedules. (adjective)


She talks fast. (adverb)
She is a fast talker. (adjective)


The glass is half full. (adjective)
She is half Turkish, half French. (adverb)
She ate her sandwich only half. (adverb)
She promised to clean the whole house, but did it only half. (adverb)


She never gives a straight answer. (adjective)
She came straight home. (adverb)


The train just left. (adverb)

He finished the work just in time. (adverb)

God is just. (adjective)


She arrived late. (adverb)
She stayed up late. (adverb)

They had a late a late evening meeting. (adjective)
We had a late lunch. (adjective)


I am low on supplies. (adjective)

She spoke with a low voice. (adjective)

Airplanes sometimes fly low over the sky. (adverb)


She was the most interesting person in the party. (adjective)

Most people enjoy playing with kids. (adjective)

The wife spoke most of the time. (adverb)

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