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Articles a, the

Articles as Adjectives

"Use" and "Don't Use" Examples for Articles "the", "a", "an"
Lesson on Adjectives and Adverbs
Examples of Different Types of Adjectives

Examples of Personal Traits Adjectives
Adjectives and Adverbs

Same words used both as adjectives and adverbs

Adjectives that look alike adverbs

Adjectives and Adverbs for Compering Two Things

Adjectives and Adverbs for Comparing Three or More Things

Irregular Forms of Adjectives and Adverbs

Problems with Adjectives and Adverbs

This, That, These, Those, Them







Exercise for Adjectives and Adverbs as Modifiers





Exercise for Problem Adjectives and Adverbs


Dangling Modifiers

Modifiers Used with Linking Verbs


Exercise for Identifiying Dangling Modifiers  
Double Negatives    
Appositives in Complete Sentence    

Complex Sentence

How to make a complex sentence

  Complex Sentence
Inverted Sentence    
Clauses Examples of Adjective and Noun Clauses Adjective and Noun Clauses
Conjunctions   How to Use Comma with Conjunctions
Compound Sentence and Conjunctions    
Helping Verbs Exercise: Find the helping verb  
Incorrect Verb Sequence    
Irregular Verbs   Irregular Verbs
Parallel Structure

Examples of Parallel Structure Parallel Structure

Parts of Speech

Parts of a Simple Sentence

Compound Subjects

Subjects that can be singular or plural

Singular subjects that look plural

How to make simple subject and verb agree

Double Negatives

Exercise: Find the correct verb form

Exercise: Find the Simple Subject

Exercise for Singular and Plural Subjects

Parts of Speech

Passive Voice

Use Active Voice

  Passive Voice

Prepositions Lesson

Understanding Prepositions

Examples List of Prepositions

Example sentences of Prepositions

Prepositions beginning letter "A"

Prepositions: among, around, as, anti


Prepositional Phrases as Interrupters

Prepositional Phrases as Modifiers

Exercise for Interrupters


Exercise for Prepositional Phrases as Modifers

Simple Present Tense and Past Tense    
Conditional Verb Tenses    
Present Perfect Tense Examples of the Present Perfect The Present Perfect Tense
Present Perfect Continuous Tense   The Present Perfect Continuous
Nouns   Nouns and Compound Nouns


Confusing Pronouns


Exercise for Confusing Pronoun References


Exercise: Find the correct verb form

Exercise for Helping Verbs

Exercise for Linking Verbs

Subject and Verb Agreement
Colon, the Punctuation Mark ':'    

Semi Colon, the Punctuation Mark ';'

How to connect sentences with semicolon








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Articles, a-an, the

Adjectives and Adverbs

Appositives in Complete Sentence

Complete Sentence



Parts of Speech

Passive Voice


Parallel Structure


Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Continuous Tense


Irregular Verbs

Spoken English, FAQ

Writing Tutor, FAQ


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An Example of a Three-Paragraph Essay

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