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Examples of The Present Perfect

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Use the Present Perfect for:

1. Past actions with results in the present:

I have done my homework.
When was the action done? In the past: a few minutes ago/yesterday.
Result? I don't have to worry about it any more; it is ready.

She has purchased a computer. (She can work on the computer now, go to the Internet now.)

Actions which began in the past and are still continuing in the present:

My sister has worked for government for fifteen years.
When did it start? 15 years ago.
Is it finished? No, it isn't. My sister still works for government.

3. Unspecified time "before now", before the present:

My husband has traveled to the United States several times.
I have seen this movie before.
I have already paid my bills.
We have written ten letters to them so far.

Use the Present Perfect with expressions like "ever", "never", "once", "many times", "several times", "before", "so far", "already", and "yet". The exact time is not important.

Do not use the Present Perfect with time expressions such as "yesterday", "one year ago", "last week", "when I was a child", "when I lived in Japan", "at that moment", "that day". or "one day".

4. Experience:

I have been to Africa.
You have the experience of being to Africa. Maybe you have been once, or several times.

I have been to Africa twice.
(Add the number of times at the end of the sentence.)

Have you ever traveled to Japan?
Do you have the experience of traveling to Japan?

Have your ever met our president?
Do you have the experience of meeting our president?

5. Change Over Time:

You have lost weight since I saw you.

The government has cut down many social services to the poor.

The Arabic language has become a popular language in the United States.

My English has improved since I moved to the United States.

6. An incomplete action you are expecting to complete:

Sue has not called yet.

My son hasn't mastered English.

My boss has still not arrived.

The hot temperature hasn't cooled down.

7. The action happened in the past; I have a memory of it in my mind now:

He sounds familiar. I think I have spoken to him before.

Where are my eye glasses? I remember I have left them on the table.

Britney has always treated me with respect when I worked for her.

8. Accomplishments:

Man has discovered the solar system.

My daughter has won a best young writers prize.

Scientists have found the the human genetic code.

9. Multiple actions at different times:

The terrorists have attacked the United States once.

I have written two novels and ten short stories.

We have had connection problems while making calls to Bekasa.

She has talked to several eye-doctors about her problem, but nobody found anything serious.

10. Duration from past until now:

Have you caught flu since the last year?

He has seen the patient six times in the last month.

They have had no quizzes since last week.

I have changed my job three times since last year.


" Last year" and "in the last year" are very different in meaning. "Last year" means the year before this year. "In the last year" means from 365 days ago until now.

I went to China last year.
(I went to China in 2010.)

I have been to China in the last year.
(I have been to China at least once at some point between 365 days ago and now. We do not know exactly when.)



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