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US Native English Tutor. Earn what you quote
Grammar/38 pages
English Grammar Lessons
English Grammar Quizzes
The, a, an English Articles
English Language Article a, an, the. Examples
Adjectives and Adverbs. English Grammar
Adjectives List of Colors
Same Words Used as Adverbs and Adjectives
Adjectives that look alike adverbs
How to Use Appositives. English Grammar
Complex Sentence, Noun and Adjective Clauses
Examples of Adjective Clauses. Writing Tutor
Complex Sentence in English
Conjunctions in English sentence
Irregular Verbs in English Language
Nouns. English Tutor
Parallel Structure in English. Writing Tutor
Example of Parallel Structures. English Tutor
Parts of Speech. Online English Writing Tutor
Passive Voice, Examples. English Tutor
English prepositions: above, about, across, after
English Language Prepositions List
The Present Perfect Tense.
Examples of the Present Perfect
The Present Perfect Continuous Tense.
Subject and Verb Agreement
How to use Colon
How to Use Semicolon. Examples
Adjectives List for Personal Qualities
Index of /Grammar
English Prepositions with Examples: about, above, across, after
English Prepositions and examples: among, anti, around, as
Simple Present and Simple Past Tense. English Tutor
Prepositions and Examples: against, along, amid, at
Prepositions: before, beneath, behind
Prepositions: between, beyond, beside, byr
Adjective and Noun Clauses
Untitled Document
Idioms/41 pages
Idioms: burn the candle at both hands, rain check
American English Idioms List
Idioms: babe in the wood, after hours, over-time pay, keep me going
Idiom above all. English Idioms
Idiom, About Time.
Idioms: burn the candle at both hands, rain check, come down hard on someone, blow up
Idioms with Make. American English
Idiom Basket Case. American English
Idioms: bark up the wrong tree, so what
Idioms: call up, your days are numbered
Idiom, call for
Idiom" put a positive spin on it"
idiom about to
All over, an idiom.
Idiom all there, all here
Idiom The Apple of My Eye. English idioms
Idiom Back up
Idiom Back out
Idiom Bear Out. English Tutor
Idiom Call one's shot
Idiom cancel out
Idiom dance to another tune
Idiom deadpan
Idiom eager beaver
Idiom fair play
Hail fellow well met. An American Idiom
Idiom game is up
Idiom get it over
Idiom jack-rabbit start
Idiom if anything
Idiom kangaroo court
An American Idiom, labor of love. English Tutor
Of age, an idiom. English Tutor
Idiom nail down
Idiom paddle one's own canoe
Rack one's brain. An American Idiom
Idiom: sack in, sack out
Idiom take a dim view of
Idiom, tail between one's legs English Tutor
Idiom under a cloud
Idiom what if. American English
Quiz-Correct-the-sentence/1 pages
Quiz description, correct the sentence
Quiz-choose-a-right-conjunction/1 pages
Quiz Description, choose a right conjunction
Quiz-on-Nouns/1 pages
Quiz description on nouns
Quiz-on-adjectives-and-adverbs/1 pages
Quiz description, adjectives adverbs
Quiz-on-clauses/1 pages
Quiz Description on on Clauses
Quiz-on-complex-sentence/1 pages
Quiz description, complex sentence
Quiz-on-conjunctions/1 pages
Quiz description, conjunctions
Quiz-on-irregular-verbs/1 pages
Quiz description, irregular verbs
Quiz-on-parallel-structures/1 pages
Quiz description on parallel structures
Quiz-on-parts-of-speech/1 pages
Quiz Description on Parts of Speech
Quiz-on-passive-voice/1 pages
Quiz Description on Passive Voice
Quiz-on-phrases-as-modifiers/1 pages
Quiz description, phrases as modifiers
Quiz-on-prepositions/1 pages
Quiz Description on Prepositions
Quiz-on-pronouns/1 pages
Quiz description on pronouns
Quiz-on-simple-sentence/1 pages
Quiz-on-subject-and-verb-agreement/1 pages
Quiz description, subject verb agreement
Quiz-on-the-English-language-articles/1 pages
Quiz Description, English Language Articles
Quiz-on-the-present-perfect-continuous-tense/1 pages
Quiz description, the present perfect continuous tense
Quiz-on-the-present-perfect-tense/1 pages
Quiz description, present perfect tense
Quiz-vocabulary-on-global-investment/1 pages
Quiz description, vocabulary on global investment
Conversation Vocabulary
Daily Vocabulary Subjects. English Tutor
Videos/3 pages
Video English Lessons List. US English Tutors
Video Word Definition Dictionary
Learn the Present Perfect with a Video Lesson
beginner-conversations/9 pages
Beginner Level English Conversations List. Online English Tutor
Braeking up, a Conversation. English Tutor
A Conversation for Beginners. US English
Communication with Customers. A Beginner Level English Conversation
Eating Fast Food. A Beginner English Conversation
Introduce yourself. An American conversation Lesson
Shopping. Beginner Level Conversation
Shopping at the Supermarket. English Tutor Online
Dress for Success. English Conversation
businessenglish/14 pages
Business English Subjects: English Conversations, Writing, Job Interviews, Articles
How to win a Sales Rep Interview? Ask your questions now!
Banking, the Evolving Role of Banks, Business English
Current Jobs in Finance, Sales, and Programming and Technology
Investement in Global Markets, Business English
Job Interview Questions and Answers
Face-to-face communication social skills
How to Invest in the Stock Market, a Conversation
Investment in Global Markets, an Investment Conversation
Job Interview Preparation. Online English Tutor
How to prepare to negotiate salary. Business English Conversation
Negotiate Your Salary at the Interview
Internet Business, a Conversation
How to Handle Difficult Customers. English Tutor
chat-online-homework-help/2 pages
Ask your question in live-chat. Online English Tutor
Writing Services. English Writing Tutor Online
conversation-intermediate/8 pages
Shopping on Sale, an English Conversation
Don't be shy to speak English. English Tutor
Eating Fast Food, Daily English Conversation
Job Market, a Conversation in American English
A Best Deal for Travel. Intermediate Level Conversation
Setting up an Interview for Sales Rep, a Conversation
Intermediate Level Conversations
Stock Market, An English Conversation
conversation-lessons/26 pages
English Conversation Lessons. Online Tutor for English
Social skills for effective face-to-communication
Business Telephone Conversation. English Tutor
How to Answer the Phone, a Conversation in American English
What to Do to Write Well, an Advanced Conversation
A conversation on the movie, Inception
Interview for Customer Service Representative, Inexperienced
Effective Communication. English Tutor
Writing Well and Promotion, a Conversation
Global Poverty and How to Fight it, a Conversation
Is Making global friends tricky? A Conversation
Part-time Job, A Conversation
A Conversation on Internet Communication. English Tutor
Changing communications with the Internet
Job Interview Preparation. English Tutor
Outsourcing Jobs, an American English Conversation
Credit Card, a Conversation. English Tutor
Interview for Customer Service Representative, Experienced
Customer service representative interview for recent college graduates
Job Interview for Software Engineer, A Business English Conversation
Recommendations for Job Interview
Idiom at the drop of a hat. Beginner's Conversation
Job Interview for Entry Level Positions, Questions and Recommendations
How to handle difficult customers on the phone
A conversation with the idiom "at worst"
An Interview for Customer Service Rep, Questions, Answers and Recommendations
conversations-advanced/9 pages
An English Conversation, Self Confidence
You just don't understand! A Conversation
Eat no-nonsense diet. Keep the weight off! Conversation
Tolerance and Successful Communication. English Conversation
How to Invest in Stocks, an Advanced Conversation
Sightseeing in New York, an Advanced Conversation
Advanced English Conversations. English Tutor Online
Improve your English by way of music. Advanced Conversation
Index of /conversations-advanced
daily-conversations/8 pages
Dining at a Restaurant. Intermediate Level Conversation
Going to the Movies, a Daily English Conversation
Let's go to a Music Concert, a Conversation for Daily English for Beginners
Let's read a newspaper. A Conversation at Intermediate Level
Playing Tennis, a Daily English Conversation
A Trip to New York. English Conversation
Working Out at the Gym, a Daily Conversation
Conversations List for Daily English
dictionary-video/28 pages
Video dictionary. Definition words beginning with 'f'
Video dictionary. Definition words beginning with 'g'
Video dictionary. Definition words beginning with 'h'
Video dictionary. Definition words beginning with 'i'
Video dictionary. Definition words beginning with 'p'
accountable video definition
Appreciate, Video Definition
As long as Video Definition
Available, Video Definition
Blackberry Video Definition
Capital Video Definition
Careful Video Definition
Catch Up Video Definition
CD Video Definition
Computer Video Definition
Convenient Video Definition
Corruption Video Definition
Customer Service Video Definition
Discourage Video Definition
Disease Video Definition
Dummy Video Definition
Familiar Video Definition
Fast Video Definition
Flattering Video Definition
Friend Video Definition
Get married Video Definition
Global Video Definition
english-tutors/14 pages
English Tutors Directory
English Tutor, Jared K
English Tutor, Christina M
English Tutor, Georgia N
English Tutor, Ted G
English Tutor, Roslyn H
English Tutor, Niki M
English Tutor, Diane B
English Tutor, Michelle L
English Tutor, Margaret M
English Tutor, Carolyn M
English Tutor, Hadija D
English Tutor, Janelle A
English Tutor, Amelia M
my-articles/11 pages
Articles List. Online Tutor For English
Conversational Teaching. English Tutor Online
How to ask supporting questions for essay
How to prepare for TOEFL
Creating Podcast Lessons for English instruction
Emotional Intelligence for Successful Business Communication
Expert English Tutor
Think aloud to write well. English Tutor
How to use new vocabulary correctly
What makes an essay a good essay
my-essays/1 pages
Persuasive Essay. Online English Writing Tutor
my-reading-list/1 pages
online-english-courses/1 pages
Online English Language Courses
online-english-tutorials/2 pages
Online English Language Tutorials for All Budgets
Online English Tutor Plans for All Budgets
online-writing-tutorials/3 pages
Parts of Speech. Online Grammar Tutorial
prepositions/2 pages
Prepositions, Examples. Online English Tutor
Understanding Prepositions. English Grammar
press-releases/1 pages
Press Release. Can American workforce teach English to the world
private-lessons/3 pages
US Native Spoken English Tutor works with you
How writing tutoring works
How can I get a US Native English Tutor
pronunciaton-dictionary/2 pages
The American Pronunciation of 'CH, F, L, R, W, WH
Introduction to Pronunciation. Online English Tutor
sat-preparation/17 pages
Online Writing Tutor: Writing Lessons, Examples
How to Write a Good Sentence. Writing Tutor
How to Write the Main Topic Sentence. Writing Tutor
Parts of a Paragraph. Online English Tutor
How to write a three paragraph essay, an Example
Four Paragraph Essay, an Example
An Example of a Well-Written Paragraph. Writing Tutor
Supporting Sentences. Questions: who, what, when, which, why, and how
Steps to Write a Good Paragraph. Writing Tutor
Recommendations for Writing a Good Paragraph
Steps to write a three-paragraph essay
Four-Paragraph and Three-Paragraph Essay Differences. Writing Tutor
How to write a good paragraph. Examples
Writing Resources. Online English Tutor
Supporting paragraphs in essay
How to make supporting questions work for essay
songs/1 pages
Song lyrics, I hope you dance
todays-conversation/4 pages
A Conversation with the idiom, put a positive spin on it
Transportation and Gasoline Prices. Conversation with Idioms
Stock Market. A conversation using idioms
Conversation using idioms: Inexperienced Employee
todays-tips/9 pages
Customer Service Rep Tips. Online English Tutor
People Skills at Work. English Tutor
Positive Language for Successful Communication
How to Start the Essay. Writing Tutor
How to write easy-to-read essays
Compare and Contrast for Writing Effective Essays
Use Right Key Words for Search. English Tutor
Vocabulary Learning Tips. English Tutor
Tips for Writing Good Sentences
tutorial-1-english-grammar-sentence/43 pages
English Articles a, an, the as Adjectives
Adjectives and Adverbs for Comparing Two Things
Adjectives and Adverbs for comparing three or more things
Irregular Forms of Comparisons. English Tutor
Problems with Adjectives and Adverbs. English Tutor
Demonstrative adjectives: This, That, These, Those, and Them
Exercise for Adjective and Adverb Modifiers
Exercise for Problem Adjectives and Adverbs. English Grammar
Dangling Modifiers. English Tutor
Modifiers Used with Linking Verbs. English Tutor
Fragments. English Tutor
Exercise for writing more precisely and economically
Double Negatives. English Tutor
How to Make Complex Sentences
Inverted Sentences. English Tutor
Compound Sentence and Conjunctions
Problems with Helping Verbs.
Exercise for Helping Verbs. English Tutor
Incorrect Verb Sequence. English Tutor
Parts of Simple Sentence.Online English Tutor
Compound Subjects. English Tutor
Subjects that can be Singular or Plural
Singular subjects that look plural. English Tutor
How to Make Simple Subject and Verb Agree
Exercise for finding the correct verb form
Exercise: Find the simple subject
Exercise for Singular and Plural Subjects
Use Active Voice. English Tutor
Interrupters. English Tutor
Prepositional Phrases as Modifiers. English Tutor
Exercise for Interrupters. English Tutor
Exercise for Prepositional Phrases as Modifiers. English Grammar
Conditionals. English Tutor
Confusing Pronoun References. English Tutor
Exercise: Confusing Pronoun References
Exercise for Modifers Used with Linking Verbs
How to Connect Sentences with Semicolon
Writing in Economy and Precision
Types of Sentences. English Tutor
Exercise: Write compound sentences. English Tutor
Exercise to complete each complex sentence. English Tutor
Exercise: Identify dangling modifiers. English Tutor
vocabulary-for-business/6 pages
Business English Vocabulary List
Banking Vocabulary. Business English Tutor
Vocabulary for Finance. English Tutor
Vocabulary for Investment in Global Markets. Business English
Vocabulary for Stock Market Investment. English Tutor Online
Vocabulary for Sales Rep Interview
writing/7 pages
Online Writing Courses or Writing Tutorial. Which one is right for me
Think Aloud to Write Well. English Tutor
How to write a business letter. Parts of a business letter. Online Writing Tutor
How to write an email message. English Tutor
How can I improve my spoken English. Online English Tutor
How to improve writing skills? LIVE CHAT
How to Improve Vocabulary. English Tutor