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Idiom, About Time



about time

ahead of the game


A: I've been studying all night. I am exhausted.

B: it's about time to stop it and go to bed.

A: I know. I will but I need to finish this chapter.

B: Don't worry! You are already ahead of the game. You have excellent grades.


about time: Finally, but later than it should have been, at last

ahead of the game: In a position of advantage; winning (as in a game or contest); ahead (as making money or profit)


to be exhausted: to be extremely tired. If you say I am exhausted, you must be filling you have no more energy left over.

exhaust: transitive verb. to use up all


I'../Grammar/presentperfect_continuous.php"> Present Continuous Tense to understand how Americans use this tense.





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