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Babe in the Wood



babe in the wood

after hours

over-time pay

keep me going


Jim: My boss asked me to stay after hours to make a few calls to customers. I don't think it's fair.

Stacy: Are you getting paid for over-time.

Jim: No, I'm not. That's also another problem.

Stacy: Why don't you discuss it with your boss?

Jim: I can't. I'm still a babe in the wood. I've never worked before as a salesman. I'm learning a lot on this job. That keeps me going.

babe in the wood: inexperienced person in certain things. Jim is a babe in the wood in sales: Jim has no experience as a salesman. Example: I just graduated from college but I am a babe in the wood. It will be hard for me to find a job.

after hours: to stay at work after the work hours .Example: If you work after hours, ask your boss for over-time pay. In managerial positions, managers or supervisors work after hours but they don't get over-time pay

over-time pay: wages for working extra hours. Example: I made $150 last week for over-time.

keep someone going: to give strength or encouragement to someone to stay on task; motivate someone to carry on. Example: My daughter has cancer. Our friends and relatives are so supportive so that keeps me going.




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