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bark up the wrong tree

so what


Stacy: I've read in the newspaper about Barack Obama's not being Christian. His middle name is Huseyin.

Bobby: So what?

Stacy. I mean if he is a muslim, then be it. What's wrong with being muslim?

Bobby: Oh! Come on, Stacy. America is not ready for a muslim president yet. One step at time. Now, we are choosing a black man for the president of the United States.

Stacy: I also heard in the news this: there are court cases against him because he is not hundred-percent an American born citizen. His father is an African-born. His father was from Kenya in Africa.

Bobby.: They are barking up the wrong tree with Obama. Obama's father was married to an American white woman, and Obama was born in the United States. So Barrack Obama fully qualifies by birth to become US president.


bark up the wrong tree: to choose the wrong person to deal with. To choose a wrong course of action.

so what? nothing wrong with whatever it is. If you state a negative opinion on somebody or situation, the listener may see nothing wrong with whatever the consequences would be and say in response: "So what?"

Come on: When someone says something or does something rather illogical, nonsense, we remind the person what he said or did is not true or nonse with this idiom: "Come on". It shows inpatience with the situation.

one step at a time: We can do only what thing a time; do not rush!


A: Mary is getting married to an older man because he is rich.

B: So what? People marry for different reasons.


I've read: I have read

be it:

qualify: to have the right legally or by any established rule

to qualfiy by birth: to have the right to something because of being born into a certain country or situation. Barack Obama was born in the United States whose mother is a white woman and father an Americanized immigrant. So, Barack Obama qualifies by birth to be President of the US. In the United States only citizens born in the land of America qualifies to be president of the United States of America.

to be ready for: to accept a situation; not to be against a circumstance or situation.

hundred percent: fully, altogether










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