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We are located in New York in the United States. With US Native Tutors and a commitment to customize our service to our students' individual needs, we tutor for Spoken-English and Writing, standardized tests--SAT and TOEFL, and for US State Teacher Certification Writing Skill Tests. Our students speak English either as a Second Language (ESL) or they are native speakers that need to advance their English language skills as junior-high and high school students, college students and adults from different walks of life. Teachers and students meet in the Skype Conferencing Room enhanced with multimedia tools, such as smart board, microphone and headphone, video, document sharing, discussion rooms, email for one-to-one tutoring.

Our US-Native English tutors are either United-State Certified teachers or business professionals with expertise in their fields. We tutor by engaging students in conversation., Lessons are planned with a main focus on comprehension, listening, speaking and writing. We map these main focus competencies to standardized tests for high school and college students, or to business communications for adults. We tutor our clients by way of providing practice in online classes, using the student's own school curriculum or a customized curriculum, along with supplementary conversations, grammar and writing materials online. Tutors provide ample opportunities for their students to understand, listen and speak effectively, read with comprehension and write properly. In the online interactive class, while engaged in conversational dialogs, the student expresses himself or herself, asks questions, then the tutor corrects the student in turn and answer the questions.

If you are to take a Standardized Basic Writing Skill Test for US Teacher Certification, we will prepare you. Your tutor will prepare you with the focus on your needs in to improve your test score. You will write your essays based on the standardized exam performance rubrics. Your English Writing Tutor will teach you to write essays this test, help you earn your best score. At the end of the tutoring program, the student is given a simulated-standardized test online.

Our Mission is to help our students improve their English skills of speaking and writing, earn the scores for the SAT-English or TOEFL tests they need to pass, through a high quality tutoring program geared to individual needs of each student. We strive to help our students realize their potential to achieve excellence in speaking English and writing in English with effective tutoring practices, care and commitment to serve best to their needs.

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. One-to-one tutoring that takes place between the student and tutor.

Online Tutor Plans for All Budgets describes a variety of offerings based on cost, to match your needs with affordable budget options, or customized tutor plans for Business English.

Online Writing Course or a Writing Tutorial. Which one is right for me? This page describes the Writing Courses offered and how they are different than the Witting Tutorials.

Descriptions of Online English Language Courses. This page lays out the descriptions of Online English courses.

Descriptions of Online Writing Tutorials describes the Online Writing Tutorials and four different levels out which you can choose.

The Plan for Standardized US State Teacher Certification Basic Writing Skill Tests is offered to teacher candidates as a rigorous preparation to help the teacher candidate earn the most possible highest score on the test.

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