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This test is administered by the US Native English Speaking Tutor to the student to test the student's spoken English.


Assessment for Spoken English

We are assigning this task to you based on your interview in which you have demonstrated your competence for American Native English Speaking Tutor. Because of this competence, we trust you will do well on this assignment. We will consider this oral assessment test as your demo and pay you for it. After you complete the demo, we will give the student a questionnaire to evaluate your performance. If the student wants to have you as his/her Native English Tutor, we will give you an assignment with this student.

Oral Procedure to Determine the Spoken English Competency

Please print out this page and use it on the assessment test. Please check appropriate blanks when necessary.

Student Type:

Non-English Native: ____

English Native: ____

Communication Medium:

Skype VoIP Connection: ____

Regular Dial Up Telephone: ____

Mobil el Phone: ____

Internet VoIP Connection: ____

Session Length: 60 minutes: ____

Connection Problems: Yes ____ No ____

Conversation Methodology: ____

Ask 10 questions using a conversation lesson: either use a conversation lesson the student selects from the conversation lessons, or use the Introduce Yourself conversation. Observe these guidelines:

Please check the appropriate blanks in the following:

1) English usage:

Correct Grammar: ____

Incorrect Grammar: ____

2) Sentence construction:

Proficient: ____

Intermediate: ____

Needs Improvement: ____

3) Fluency:

Proficient: ____

Intermediate: ____

Needs Improvement: ____

4) Vocabulary:

Proficient: ____

Intermediate: ____

Needs Improvement: ____


  1. Introduce yourself and explain briefly how you will conduct the session. Ask the student if she has a question. ____

  2. Call the student with her first name. ____

  3. Ask a question: ____

  4. Encourage the student to ask you to repeat yourself if the student doesn't understand you. ____

  5. Wait for the answer (do not correct): ____

  6. After hearing the answer, check the appropriate scales above: ____

  7. Administer the test for 40 minutes: ____

  8. After the timeout of the first 40 minutes, you have 20 more minutes to complete the session. You will use this remaining time for the following:

  9. Specify strengths and weaknesses. Be honest but sensitive and tactful. ____

  10. Explain how you will help the student improve his/her speaking skills if you work together. In lessons, you will present a topic with a few questions (see the instructions below). Lessons contain new vocabulary. You first will pronounce the word and then have the student pronounce it after you. If necessary, you will repeat the pronunciation. Use webcam when you feel necessary.

Wrap up the session:
Check the blank if your answer is 'Yes'; if not, leave the blank unchecked.

Thank you for your cooperation. Good luck with the demo!



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