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Communication with Customers

A Beginner Level Conversation


John: I am not getting a raise this time. I am upset.

Helen: How do you know that?

John: My boss gave me the news this morning.

Helen: But you haven't got a raise for two years. Why doesn't he give you a raise now?

John: He said I need to improve my communication skills with customers.

Helen: What? What is wrong with your communication skills?

John: He said I must learn how to listen better to customers' complaints.

Helen: You don't listen to your customers' complaints?

John: Well. He said I need to improve how to show empathy for their needs.


raise: noun. An increase in salary (in this conversation)

upset: adjective. Feeling negative emotions, such as anger and uneasiness as a reaction to someone's behavior or to an event

improve: transitive verb. To get better at something by putting an effort in it

communication: A two-way reciprocal exchange of ideas in person-to-person or in writing, or through the use of digital media. Person-person between John and his boss is the communication type in this conversation.

skill: noun. An effective behavior we learn to perform successfully in a given task

listen to: transitive verb. To show deliberate effort to listen. Use 'to" with listen. The word 'to'../Grammar/list-for-english-language-prepositions.php">prepositions).

customer: noun. A person who buys a product or service

complaint: noun. Expression of negative remarks, dissatisfaction over a service or product in this conversation

empathy: noun. feeling sympathy toward other person's pain, complaints or needs like we would feel for our own problems





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