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How to Prepare to Negotiate Salary

Show me the interview on how to negotiate salary

A Business English Conversation




Diane and Mary started an earlier conversation on the subject of negotiating salary. Here again, they delve into more details on this subject matter in a conversation over the phone.

Diane: I conducted a search on the Internet on salary rates for my profession and experience level. Guess what I came on.

Mary: I hope you're ready now to negotiate your salary. You sound excited. What did you come on?

Diane: I'm worth 65,000 dollars for my level of programming experience. But, the company is new. I don't know what to put forward to the table.

Mary: You have a point. Now you've discovered your worth. Before the interview, find out about the company. Google them. Go to Alexa.Com for relatively more accurate financial info on the company. Or, look up their stock in the newspaper.

Diane: Yeah. I can do that. Alexa does not publish small companies' financial status, though. The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times are reliable sources for companies' stock values.

Mary: Good. Do that. If they ask your salary expectations point-blank, do not give a straight answer. Instead ask for the range they have in mind for this position.

Diane: Really?

Mary: Yap. By asking their salary range for this position, you will not jeopardize the likelihood for getting hired.

Diane: Ok. That makes sense. What if they offer a range less than my 50K?

Mary: First, don't yet settle with the 50K. Remember, you'll research the company's worth, their stock and etc.

Diane: Okay. Let's say they are financially in a good shape. Then what?

Mary: If their offer is less than what you want, never burn your bridges. But rather politely decline the offer.

Diane: If they ask for my previous salary, do I have to disclose it?

Mary: You don't have to lie about your previous salary. But, you can say this: my salary was satisfactory, and I feel that I am worth the amount I request for this position. Garnish your answer with lots of smile.

Diane: You're a genius, Mary.

Mary: Am I? Call me after the interview.

Diane: I'll do that.

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negotiate: verb transitive. to exchange an offer in a financial or business deal for a settlement, a financial or business gain

delve into: verb intransitive. to look into a matter extensively in detail

come on: idiomatic verb. to find something accidentally

conduct a search: verb transitive. to search

worth: value, financial or other types of value

be worth something: helping verb phrase. to be capable of a value, in this topic, financial value

put forward to: idiomatic verb. to offer an idea

look up: idiomatic verb. to search

sources: origins of information; where the information is gathered

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Yeah: a slang form of "Yes"

financial status: compound noun. the amount of money, stocks or property a company or person owns

point-blank: idiomatic adverb. directly, straight away; without tact

have in mind: idiomatic verb. to have a fixed opinion or decision for a situation

range: noun. values offered between a lowest and highest point on a straight line

be financially in a good shape: to have sufficient financial resources

disclose: verb transitive. to give information on a private matter

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burn one's bridge: idiom. to destroy one's chances to gain something of value. To act unwisely in a situation so as to lose an opportunity

info: noun. informal equivalence of information

settle with something: verb intransitive. to make a final decision on a matter; accept the situation as it is

jeopardize: verb transitive. to put something in danger; to act unwisely so as to lose something (in this conversation)

decline: verb intransitive. to reject

likelihood: noun. the degree of possibility

offer: noun (in this conversation) something that is offered

offer: verb transitive (in this conversation). to give away something of a value to other person or persons to consider it

garnish: verb transitive. to decorate

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