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How to Win a Sales Rep Interview

Business English

by Sue Gench

key words:
sales rep, active listening, soft sell, hard sell, well-spoken, personable, quick witted, detailed oriented

There are people born to sell in this world, which I believe it is true for all professions: Do what you are good at, because we possess a natural stamina, guts and abilities needed to succeed in that particular profession. A born Sales Rep is endowed with the following traits:

If you have these traits, then you must ask yourself: "Why do I want to sell?" What's your answer? I would think that you want to sell products or services because you find a value in them, such as you want to help people make a good decision when buying a product. For me, I cannot sell products but can sell ideas. In other words, we all need to sell, whether be an idea, service or product. A doctor needs to persuade his/her patient for an appropriate treatment, a teacher needs be persuasive to sell his/her teachings to students. By the same token, a sales rep is no different than a doctor or teacher in terms of helping others through their service to deliver a need. Whether you will utilize soft sell or hard sell, the bottom line is you need the above traits. Having said that, you will prepare for the interview to sell yourself. Below are basic tips to consider for the interview.



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