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Don't be shy to speak English

An English Conversation



Sandra: When I speak English, I'm too shy. I'm afraid to make mistakes.

Bob: You're not alone. I know all about that. My wife Xin was like that. She used to get quiet when she was with others.

Sandra: Because he has you. You are an expert in English. How do you help your clients improve their speaking skills? .

Bob: Yeah. You're right. I help them overcome their shyness. After a short while, they overcome their shyness.

Sandra: How do you that?

Bob: It's a daily mental practice. You can learn not to fear about making mistakes.

Sandra: Hold it. First, what'd you mean by mental practice?

Bob: Well, you learn to replace fear about making mistakes with positive feelings about yourself?

Sandra: What'd you mean by "positive feelings about yourself"? I make mistakes.

Bob: You learn to feel good about your efforts. You learn to appreciate your efforts in learning a new language. You learn to tolerate your mistakes.

Sandra: I don't feel good about my efforts. I feel that I can't speak English properly.

Bob: You can learn to tolerate your mistakes.

Sandra: OK. Tell me how I can learn to tolerate my mistakes?

Bob: Don't you see how well you're speaking English with me now.

Sandra: No, I don't. You edit my speech.

Bob: You have a negative feeling about your English.

Sandra: Tell me how I can change it.

Bob: Call me tonight. I'll talk to you. Now I have to go.

Sandra: OK. I'll call you. Is there anything I can read about it?

Bob: Take a look at this article: How can I improve my spoken English?

Sandra: That sounds great. Thanks, Bob.

Bob: You're welcome, Sandra.





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