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Below is a list of conversation lessons of common American English used in North America. We want you to use these lessons and send us your comments to contact@onlinetutorforenlish.com for us to modify our lessons to your needs. Please register to receive lesson updates.



Intermediate Level Conversations
Advanced Level Conversations
Conversations Using Idioms
Business English Conversations

Breaking Up a Relationship


Communication with Customers

Shopping at the Supermarket


Introduce Yourself

How to answer a Business Telephone Call

Child Care


Dress for Success

Shopping on Sale

Shy to Speak English

Job Market


Transportation and Gasoline Prices

Set Up an Interview for Sales Employee

Stock Market

Inexperienced employee

Be positive

New Self-Confidence and Looks

You just don't understand!

Eat no-nonsense diet. Keep the weight off

Tolerance and Successful Communication

How to Invest in Stocks

Sightseeing in New York

Improve your English by way of music

What to Do to Write Well, a Conversation

A Conversation on the Movie, Inception

Financial Research Paper

Making Global Friends

Part-time Job

Internet Communication

How the Internet is Changing Communication

Job Interview

Outsourcing Jobs

Credit Card

Global Poverty and How to End it


above all

about time

at the drop of a hat

American Idioms

Idioms with Make

babe in the wood

basket case

bark up the wrong tree

burn the candle at both hands

call up

call for

rain check

come down

hard on someone

different ball game

give a hard look at somebody

not a bad news

put a positive spin on it

standard bearer

give up

take care of

blow up

quick to anger



Internet Business

Writing Well and Promotion

How to Negotiate Salary

Negotiate Your Salary

Effective Face-to-Face Communication

Investment in Global Markets

Business Telephone Conversation

Difficult Customers

Job Interview for Software Engineer

Job Interview for Customer Service Representative

Recommendations for Job Interview

Eating Fast Food

At the Restaurant

Going to the Movies

Working Out at the Gym

Playing Tennis

Let's Read a Newspaper

Let's Go to a Music Concert

A Trip to New York






































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