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Preparation for Job Interview


This page will help you get prepared for a job interview. If you want to study specific questions, please click here. Or, see the right column on this page.

Julia is a recent college graduate. She is scheduled for an interview for an entry level position as Customer Service Representative for the City Bank. For the interview, Helen is given a set of instructions along with questions she will be asked in the interview.

Below are the instructions, questions and answers for the job interviewee (you) for the Customer Service Representative position:


1. Be groomed.

2. Wear proper attire, such as a two-piece suit or jacket and skirt.

3. Do not wear excessive makeup and jewelry.

4. Have a copy of your resume typed and properly formatted. Include references in case the company would like to check up on your background.

4. During the interview if you are relaxed, you will do well. So practice relaxation before the interview, learn how to maintain your calm in a stressful situation. If you do meditate regularly before the interview, that will help a lot.


The interviewer will introduce himself or herself as soon as you are called in. The interviewer will be professional and friendly. The interviewer will not ask you questions that are irrelevant to the position you are to be interviewed for. The interviewer will smile at you and help you relax. For example, the interview may have a brief pep talk with you by asking you questions like:

Suggestions: You may respond to these pep remarks briefly and with a smile.

Interview Questions:

1. Tell me about yourself.

This question is for you to talk about your educational background and job experience. You may state what you measured in college and graduate school. Then, talk about your relevant job experience to this position, for example, as a customer representative.

2. Where did you work before? Name of the company, organization; how long did you work for this company What were your responsibilities? Describe your responsibilities. Give details.

3. If you have no relevant job experience, then tell the interviewer first the jobs you have done before. Tell the most important one or ones which will give the interviewer an idea about your previous experience. If you don't have any job experience at all. the interviewer must know it already. Don't worry about it. Be honest. Talk about part-time positions you have had in the past, and skills you have developed in those part-time positions.


1. Answer the questions above:

Question 1: Tell me about yourself

Question 2: Your work experience

Question 3: Your part-time work experience

Question 4: Your skills: computer skills; communications skills (speaking, listening, writing), language skills (English and mother tongue); people skills (get along well with others, team worker, charismatic, a leader, patient, persuasive, polite, friendly, and etc.)

They will ask you why they should hire you instead of somebody else. You must come up with something that gives you an advantage over other applicants. Talk about your best qualities when this question is asked. For example, you are a problem solver or an excellent listener or can work well under pressure; you are hard working, creative, and a born sales person. Be truthful. Do not make up any asset you don't possess.





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