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A Conversation on the Movie, Inception

Level: Advanced




Stacy: I'm not sure if I really understood Inception.

Bobby: I saw it last week with Laura and the kids. We loved it. The plot is somehow complicated, though.

Stacy: It's definitely a thumbs-up sci-fi. However, the reality is too much of a stretch. I wish the plot were more realistic.

Bobby: Yeah. My coworker left the movie after he'd watched it for fifteen minutes. The story begs for a better script.

Stacy: I agree. Movies are supposed to be entertaining along with a clear plot. I don't need to rack my brain to follow what's going on in the movie.

Bobby: I understand your point, however, my kids got so much kick of it. After the movie, they even corrected me on its couple of details.

Stacy: Children are amazing, I know. They're born into the hightech era.

Bobby: What I find interesting about this movie is its sci-fi suspense, sci-fi in the hands of wretched humans, which makes the movie appealing to a larger audience.

Stacy: After all, its Leonarda DiCaprio is the wretched thief. He's one of my favorite actors.

Bobby: I'm a fan of him, too. He appeals to my kid spirit in this movie. In the middle of plenty of explosions, fight scenes, and gadgetry in globe-trotting locations, he fuels the reminisces of 007 films.

Stacy: You sound like you enjoy action movies. How about Laura? How did she like Inception?

Bobby: She liked it with some reservations. Like you said, the script could have been written better.

Stacy: Christopher Nolan is new to me. Did he make other movies?

Bobby: Chris Nolan is a British action movie producer, often works with his famous actress-producer wife, Emma Thomas. I've also seen his two most popular movies, The Dark Night and The Prestige.

Stacy: We'll continue this later on. I got to get back to work.

Bobby: Good to see you, Stacy. Laura was asking about you the other day. Touch base.

Stacy: Sure. Maybe we'll go out some time these days. Say Hello to Laura for me.

Bobby: I'll do that.


plot: intransitive verb. In this context, to conceive and arrange the action and incidents of. Events, characters, location defined in detail as a plan for producing a movie.

plot: noun. Events, characters, location, and sequence of events in a fiction or performing art work: plays, musicals, movies

sci-fi: compound. Short form of science fiction. is a genre of fiction. It differs from fantasy in that, within the context of the story, its imaginary elements are largely possible within scientifically established or scientifically postulated laws of nature (though some elements in a story might still be pure imaginative.

script: noun. In this context, the text of a play, broadcast, or movie. b. A copy of a text used by a director or performer.

movie producer: compound noun. person who finances a movie for its production and distribution to retail entertainment outlets to sell it to mass audience

audience: In this context, viewers that are certain consumer groups the movie appeals to

action movies: compound noun. movie featuring mainly action: a movie in which the plot moves quickly from one dramatic event to another and which typically involves good characters combating evil ones. Character development and love interest are of secondary or no importance.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Proper noun. The full name of famous American actor. He is famous for his versatile talent in depicting various characters in his movies. He played numerous real life characters in his movies. He has starred a handful movies of well-known director Martin Scorsese.

007 films: The James Bond movies. The James Bond are motion pictures based on the fictional character of MI6 agent James Bond (he was given the code "007"), a main character in the novels of Ian Fleming. Early James Bond films were based on Fleming's novels and short stories, followed later by films with original storylines. The James Bond franchise has remained up to this date, the longest continually running film series in history between 1962 and2010.

beg for: prepositional verb (verb + a preposition): to lack, to be in need of. Example: "My supervisor can't answer any hightech question I ask; she definitely begs for hightech training." This sentence means: My supervisor needs to improve her knowledge of hightech.

touch base: intransitive verb. to establish communication with someone

hightech: noun. Short for high technology

thumbs up: adjective. high quality, excellent, well-done

to be fan of somebody: idiomatic phrase. It means this: If you enjoy some body, especially a famous person, then you could say, "I'm a fan of him." "I'm a fan of Leonardo diCaprio."

wretched: adjective. Of a poor or mean character

globe-trotting: compound adjective (noun + verb + gerund 'ing'). in the manner of traveling often and widely. Example, a globe trotting company executive continued on to his next next destination in Asia after he attended a hightech conference in Tokyo.

reminisces: noun. remembrance of past events experiences; talking about them past experiences or events

reservations: noun in plural. (reservations + about + noun or pronoun) In this context, the act of having some criticism for the movie. If you have some reservations about something or person, that means you don't like the facts about that thing or person. For example: "I have some reservations about the new guidelines on new parking rules." This sentence means you don't like the new guidelines hundred percent; you only like some of it.










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