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A Part-time Job





put your mind to it: have a strong will to accomplish what you want; be determent

give it a shut: try

day-to-day: every day or every other day

on day-to-day-basis: regularly

user-friendly: easy to use

it is up to you: it depends on you




Stacy: Are you now working part-time?

Denis: Yes, I have a part-time job now.

Stacy: Tell me about it. I need a part-time job, too.

Denis: I work for the City Bank as an online customer service rep from home.

Stacy: Online rep from home? What'd you do?

Denis: Just about everything a customer service rep does, except that I work from home using my computer. I answer customer's questions on the phone.

Stacy: Wow! That sounds convenient. Where are your customers located?

Denis: We have customers from everywhere in the United States, Europe, and China.

Stacy: Do your customers speak to you from their computers, too?

Denis: Not necessarily. Some have computers and we speak from computer-to-computer then. Some use their regular telephones or cell phones, but I always speak with them from my computer only.

Stacy: Please excuse me if I sound a dummy here. They call you at your computer using their cell phones? Don't they need a computer as well?

Denis: No, they don't as long as they have a telephone or high-end mobile phone, or a black-berry.

Stacy:What? What's blackberry?

Denis: Well, black berry is a hand-held wireless computer which has all the features of a computer. It supports email, mobile telephone, text-messaging, internet faxing, web-browsing, and other wireless information services.

Stacy: Just a hand-held computer does all that?

Denis: Yes. Computers have become smaller and smaller yet more powerful today.

Stacy: I've learned something new today. But I cannot take a job like yours as an online customer rep. Can I?

Denis: Perhaps you can. It's all up to you, Stacy. Why not give it shut. The good news is computer technology becoming increasingly user-friendly nowadays. If you put your mind to it, you'll learn it one-two-three.


customer service rep: compound noun. customer representative; the person who serves customers

part-time: working less than 40 hours a week


dummy:noun. a stupid person

as long as: adverb. while

located: past tense of the verb locate: to reside or to operate (in this conversation)

not necessarily: adverb It is not so as we expect; It may be different than what we expect.

computer-to-computer: network of computers in which a two-way communication between two computers are provided

high-end: adjective. expensive powerful such as computers

low-end: adjective. inexpensive, low-power such as computer

hand-held: adjective. a device used by hand, generally electronic devices

blackberry: noun. a hand-held high-tech and powerful computer computer as big as palm

increasingly: adverb. more and more

take a job: to accept a job

wireless information services: communication devices such as computers, cell phones, iphones communicate without wire connection. The connection is based on a high-fie radio waves.

People's Names:

Stacy: female name

Denis: male name

Exclamation Marks:

Wow: shows surprise about something so great

Well: shows hesitation to respond with an exact answer


put your mind to it: have a strong will to accomplish what you want; be determent

give it a shut: try

day-to-day: every day or every other day

on day-to-day-basis: regularly

user-friendly: easy to use

it is up to you: it depends on you


Answer the questions below. Make complete sentences.

1. What is the topic of this conversation?

2. How these two individuals are different?

3. How does Internet technology influence Denise's life?

5. Name two banking transactions everybody is involved on day-to-day basis in your country?

4. Do you use a bank for day-to-day transactions, such as paying for bills or credit cards?

6. Is online banking becoming common in your country?










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