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Writing Well and Promotion, a Conversation


Meggy: You're smiling all over, Bob. What's up?

Bob: I've got a promotion. I mean, sort of.

Meggy: Really? Tell me about it.

Bobby: Next week I'll start my training session. I need to improve my writing in three months.

Meggy: Oh! I'm happy for you. What's your new position?

Bobby: Financial Analyst at the Central Office.

Meggy: Oh, am I going to lose you? You're my best friend around here.

Bobby: Silly. You're not going to lose me. I'll be fifteen minutes away.

Meggy: That's little comforting. So, what are they asking you about your writing?

Bobby: I have to hone my writing skills in research papers.

Meggy: Are they? I wrote research papers in graduate schools. But, what're you gonna do about it?

Bobby: I'm going to take a writing course in financial research.

Meggy: That sounds neat. What's it like?

Bobby: It's hand-on. While I'm doing the work at the office, I will write on what I do, financial analysis.

Meggy: You mean you will write papers on your actual research at work? And, the instructor will grade your papers?

Bobby: Yap.

Meggy: Really? Can you just disclose confidentially data on a course paper?

Bobby: No, I can't but I will not disclose that data. I'll just blank it out.

Meggy: That's understandable.








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