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Eat no-nonsense diet. Keep the weight off

An English Conversation





Mike: You've lost lots of weight. You're keeping it off.

Megg: Yap. I 've been on a no-nonsense diet.

Mike: What's that diet?

Megg: Eating good animal protein in moderation as well as vegetables and fruits.

Mike: Animal protein? For example what?

Megg: Red meat, chicken, fish, and dairy products and egg.

Mike: Read meat! Come on, Megg. Red meat is no good for you.

Megg: Well, I used to believe that but in fact red meat contains high quality B-complex vitamins. Also, red meat is abundant in conjugated proteins.

Mike: Wait. What're you saying? Conjugate what?

Megg: Conjugated proteins. Red meat contains conjugated proteins. They're complete proteins, most essential for maintaining the body in good health.

Mike: You lost me. I don't know how conjugated proteins can help lose weight or keep off the weight.

Megg: I know I was also uninformed before. Conjugated proteins are B-complex vitamins. They are the building blocks of cells and regulate many bodily functions.

Mike: But how are they helpful for losing weight and keeping it off?

Megg: Consuming foods rich in conjugated proteins feeds the body and help it function right. Having cravings for certain foods or over-eating are the symptoms of B-complex viitamins deficiency.

Mike: Wow. So over-weight people must be short of conjugated vitamins or B-complex vitamins?

Megg: Yes, if they have cravings for junk food, especially for sugar.

Mike: I know cravings for sugar is a sign of malfunctioning insulin in the body. Eating enough conjugated protein, or B-complex vitamins makes you lose weight?

Megg: Eating conjugated proteins helps you feed your body right and feel full. It stops the excessive hunger-sensation so you eat less and lose weight.

Mike: Red meat is also a highly toxic food. Meat and egg shoot up your cholesterol, clogging up your arteries. How about that?

Megg: Red meat is no more toxic than any other meat, fish or chicken. You eat red meat and egg in moderation, and along with vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits are excellent detoxifiers.

Mike: What'd you say about cholesterol then?

Megg: Cholesterol is a highly abused issue by the media. Cholesterol doesn't clog your arteries, but eating junk food and having high stress cause cholesterol stick to the arteries.

Mike: So, eat red meat and egg in moderation?

Megg: Eating red meat and egg in moderation along with vegetables and fruits is the answer to preventing cholesterol from clogging the arteries. Also, take care of your stress.

Mike: Hmm. I'll look into this further. Now, you don't feel hungry as you used to complain about it all the time?

Megg: No, I don't. If I eat enough animal protein and good carbohydrates, I get full after eating enough.

Mike: But, you also eat vegetables, fruits and grains for good carbohydrates?

Megg: Well. I eat grains and legumes just enough along with vegetables and fruits.

Mike: Why are you saying "just enough grains and legumes", honey?

Megg: Eating grains and legumes is good for you, but only in small amount. Grains and legumes contain plant estrogens that cause health problems if consumed in large amounts.

Mike: Wait. I've never heard of that.

Megg: We'll perhaps we'../conversation-intermediate/eating-fast-food.php">eating junk food before. You were right about fast food then.

Mike: Okay. Let's talk about the grains and legumes next time, I google it though. But, it's amazing you no longer crave for junk food.

Megg. True. My cravings have stopped.

Mike: You mean you no longer have cravings at all?

Megg: Not really. But I wanna enjoy a bar of chocolate at times. It doesn't hurt you eating it in moderation. Right?

Mike: Do you exercise?

Megg: Of course, I do. I love walking and swimming.

Mike: Where do go for swimming?

Megg: I go to the neighborhood YMCA.

Mike: Look at you. You look beautiful!

Megg: And I feel good.



no-nonsense diet: compound noun. Rich diet consisting of various high nutrition foods. Consuming good animal protein in moderation along with vegetables, fruits and good carbohydrates

keep the weight off: idiomatic verb. To maintain the weight lost; not to gain back the weight lost

junk food: compound noun. Junk food is an jargon term for some foods perceived to have little or no nutritional value and also have ingredients considered unhealthy if consumed regularly. For example: candy, french fries, pretzel, tacos, milk shakes, some fast food, especially deep fried fast food, canned or bottled drinks containing sugar or artificial sugar

fast-food: compound noun. Fast food is the term given to food that can be prepared and served very quickly in restaurant outlets as cheap food

french fries: compound noun. potato sliced or cut thin and fried; American style deep fried potato chips served with burger mostly.

conjugated protein: a complex protein combining amino acids with other substances

dairy products: compound noun. foods made from milk substances, such as milk, yogurt and cheese

detoxifiers: plural noun. food substances that remove toxic effects of other substances in the body in this conversation. For example: green vegetables and vitamins are proven detoxifiers of toxic substances deposited in the body.

cholesterol: noun. fat-like substances mostly produced by the liver and animal foods that contain it

insulin: noun. Insulin is a hormone that effects metabolism profoundly. Insulin functions as an agent to help cells in the liver, muscle, and fat tissue to take up glucose from the blood. It changes sugar to glycogen in the liver and muscle, preventing the use of fat as an energy source

amino acids: compound noun. The basic building blocks of proteins. Amino acids are essential substances for human diet

Vitamin B-Complex. Compound nouns. Vitamins of several food substances necessary for carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism. Vitamin B-Complex helps to regulate nervous system, maintain muscle ton, healthy skin and liver.

animal fat: compound noun. any fat obtained from animals

grains and legumes: plural noun. Natural seeds produced by planting and harvesting. For example: dry peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas are legumes; grains: oats, rice, barley, amaranth, farro, teff, quinoa, spelt, kamut and buckwheat

plant estrogens: compound noun. known as sterols. A chemical substances of animal cholesterol. Sterols appears naturally in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, cereals, grains and legumes, and vegetable oils.

craving for junk food: an intense desire for eating junk food

YMCA: non-profit neighborhood Christian organizations in the US for recreational activities

in moderation: adverb. in small amount, just enough. "I eat sweet in moderation not to get fat.




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