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Christina: I hate my looks.

Nicole: Why’d say that?

Christina: Look at my face, my drooping eyes my hooked nose and enormous chin.

Nicole: Your drooping eyes? Those green huge eyes complement your nose, making you so attractive, gives you a sort of exquisite looks.

Christina: Oh come on, Nicole. I feel like my long nose’s gonna drop into my mouth and I can carry my purse on my chin.

Nicole: You’re crazy. Mike loves you, honey. He always compliments you on your looks.

Christina: Mike is my boyfriend, of course, he must pamper me.

Nicole: He’s your boyfriend because he finds you attractive and loves you.

Christina: I don’t know if he finds me attractive. I feel that because he’s my boyfriend he’s just paying his dues.

Nicole: What a strange belief! Your problem is lack of self-confidence.

Christina: I would have self-confidence if I had a better face.

Nicole: No, other way around. If you had self-confidence, you would appreciate your beautiful eyes and good looks.

Christina: I wish I had your face, button nose, twinkling brown eyes.

Nicole: It doesn’t work that way. You’re beautiful in your own sake. What’s wrong, Christina?

Christina: I feel that I’m not pretty enough. I don’t know what would make me feel pretty.

Nicole: Self-confidence would make you feel pretty. Obviously, other people’s recognition of your good looks doesn’t help. You need help.

Christina: Like what?

Nicole: See a psychologist. Learn about your problem.

Christina: Maybe I have no problems about self-confidence but am just realistic about my looks.

Nicole: Self-confidence makes one feel good about herself altogether, no matter how they look, pretty or not.

Christina: That's called narcissistic.

Nicole: Yeah. There's a fine line between a narcissistic as I understand. A narcissist would have a false sense-of-self confidence. But a person with self-confidence would accept her looks.

Christina: Give an example. I don't understand.

Nicole: You're an example of a person lacking self-confidence. You don't feel fine about not having the nose you want. Not having the perfect beauty you imagine bothers you, you depreciate your looks altogether, you don't see the positive picture of yourself as a whole.

Christina: How about a narcissistic person? How would she see herself?

Nicole: I would think that a narcissist would falsely believe, for example, she has very beautiful eyes but her eyes could be just average. A narcissist exaggerates her individual importance because the reality of herself bothers her. A narcissists can't accept the truth about herself. Behind that over self-confidence, a deep-seated self-hate a narcissist suffers from.

Christina: My boss sounds like that. He's boastful.

Nicole: I've got to go now. I'm worried about you. Call me later we'll talk later more.

Christina. Thanks. You're an angel!



drooping: adjective in this conversation. Hanging downward

drooping eyes: compound noun in this conversation. Hanging downward eyes

hooked nose: compound noun. Human nose that is thin, with a prominent bridge, also called Roman nose

complement: verb in this conversation. To add to (something) in a way that enhances or improves it; make perfect. Her people skills, especially her persuasion ability, is a complement of her acting career.

compliment: verb in this conversation. To offer praise on a quality of a person. Good bosses compliment their staff for their good performance.

exquisite: adjective. Extremely beautiful and, typically, delicate. Placed at the far end of the table was a porcelain china depicted with exquisite patterns.

pamper: transitive verb. Indulge with attention, comfort, and kindness; spoil. Good parents know how to pamper their children as well as discipline them when necessary.

pay one's dues: idiomatic verbal phrase. To pay something which is obligated. Mike, as a boyfriend, pays his dues to Christina by making compliments on her looks.

self-confidence: compound noun. Having self-assurance, freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities.

narcissistic: adjective. Feeling excessively important, exaggerating qualities about one's self. A personality disorder.

narcissist: noun. A person having a grandeur sense of himself or herself.

suffer from: idiomatic verb. To be ill with

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