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Definitions of Words Beginning with "F"


fashion: adjective. Describes the industry that produces clothing and designs that clothing.


“I work in the fashion industry.”

“I studied fashion in school.”

flight: noun. A scheduled trip on an airplane.


“My flight for Los Angeles leaves at 6:00 tonight.”

“The airline cancelled my flight because of the hurricane.”

fast: adjective. Quick; swift.


“He walks so fast that he gets to school before anyone else.”

“She is a fast talker; sometimes I have trouble understanding her.”

flattering: adjective. Showing to advantage; complimentary.


“Red is a very flattering color for your skin tone.”

“That’s a lovely picture of you; it’s very flattering.”

friend: noun. A person whom one likes or respects; a close acquaintance.


“We’ve known each other for 20 years; she is a great friend.”

“I really like Mary. I think we will become friends.”


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