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Video Definitions for Words Beginning with "I"

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Definitions of Words Beginning with "I"


industry: noun. A group of business or manufacturing enterprises devoted to a common activity.


“She worked in the automotive industry.”

“The banking industry is less trusted today than it was five years ago.”

interesting: adjective. Describes something that holds the attention or is of interest.

Examples: “The book I’m reading is very interesting.”

“It’s an interesting fact that all birds have feathers.”

interests: noun. Things that people like to do and that interest them.

Examples: “He is always busy because he has many interests.”

“My interests are working hard and having fun!”

interview: noun. A meeting where one or more persons ask questions in order to decide whether to work with someone or not, as in a job interview or student interview.


“My interview yesterday went really well.”

“I hope I get an interview for this job; I really want to work for this company.”

item: noun. One thing, one object, or one product. Examples:

“This item is on sale, but the others in the store are not.”

“Can you tell me the cost of this item?”



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