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English and ESL Tutoring for Grades 9 to 12 Grades


Instructional Methods

nformation on this page serves two different student populations: United States secondary school students in Grade 9 through 12 and global secondary school students. For United States secondary school students, we follow their standard state curriculum. Using the student'businessenglish/business-english.php">Business English: investment, job-interview skills and communications skills--spoken English and vocabulary, writing and grammar; culture: movies, music and eating healthy.

Using these themes, we tutor with a student-centered approach and best practices thoroughly tested in pedagogy, methods and delivery. Most importantly, we plan our instruction based on the student's' individual needs we determine through pre-evaluation, student academic performance and observation that are seamlessly integrated into our tutoring. If requested, we accommodate the student's need to use his or her own school curriculum. At the registration point the student is provided with a thorough consultation geared to his or her individual needs, thus the student clearly understands at the beginning the curriculum content, instruction and assessment for his/her study of the program with us.

Located in New York, we list below the New York State curriculum of the English subjects we tutor, along with links for the State's learning standards. Please click the links to navigate to the NYS website.

English-Level 9 to 12
English-Level 6 to 8
Business English

Instructional Methods

In our program, US state-certified teachers tutor for English subjects. Our tutors are supremely qualified professionals with a solid knowledge of English or ESL, and experienced in teaching. Depending upon student characteristics, tutors apply different methods, such as learning-by doing or situated learning, the whole language approach using phonemes in a student-centered approach. We vigilantly keep abreast with the constantly evolving internet instructional technology, adhere to its advantages as well as cope with its challenges; pride ourselves that our tutors are highly-trained professionals in using the technology. Please see Frequently Asked Questions if you have any questions, contact us.






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