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You can directly speak with your English tutor. All our tutors are US native English speakers. Choose a tutor from the directory below and then contact the tutor for an appointment.

Jared K, an expert English tutor, holds a Master of Arts in English Literature and Bachelor of Arts in English from Western Illinois University, Macomb. He's taught English and writing several years; also taught in Japan.

Christina M holds a doctorate degree in Business Administration from Argosy University, Florida. An accomplished educator and writer in online education and marketing, she has taught in college and worked in publishing industry.

Georgia N graduated with honor from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska with a Master degree in English and Spanish. She worked in secondary education as English and Spanish language teacher, and distance learning teacher on Cox Communications Channel 17 over a decade.

Ted G earned an MA degree in Communications from the University of Texas, and in Fine Arts from the University of Missouri. He's taught various ESL, speech, communication and theatre courses in higher education for the past eight years.

Roslyn H holds a Master of Arts in teaching English as a Second Language, from University of Phoenix, Arizona. A school teacher and versatile in teaching methods, and truly well prepared to tutor as she's taught English Language Arts seven years.

Niki M holds a Master of Education from the University of Wisconsin. She's taught English as a Second Language over fifteen years in college and secondary education.

Diana B holds a Master degree from Cornell University. She has taught English, English literature and theatre in college and professional language schools.

Michelle L, with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and completed course work toward masters degree in psychology from Shaw University of North Carolina, has taught English in secondary education and in online language schools.

Margaret M earned her Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing from University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has worked as language instructor in language schools.

Carolyn M holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from Georgia Southern University, and TEFL certificate. She's taught in secondary education. She is highly motivated to help English learners advance their English and fluency.

Hadija D earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from SUNY Brockport and TESL certificate from St. Johns University in New York. She has taught and counseled in secondary education, and language schools for several years.

Janelle A has recently earned a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Liguistics. Highly motivated to teach English, she holds a TEFL certificate, with a committment to teaching with excellence. She's taught in supplementary English programs in college as a teaching associate.

Amelia M is a recent college graduate with Bachelors of Art in International Studies, holds TESL/TEFL certificate. Sensitive to challenges of learning a foreign language, she strives to adopt her teaching to the needs of particular learner.





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