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Essay Examples:

Persuasive essay: Makes a claim or takes a position and backs it up with statistics, expert opinions, and other evidence. You may review an opposing review and explain why it is wrong and you are right.

To Drill or Not to Drill

Comparison essay: Demonstrates similarities and differences between two topics.

Consuming Fresh Foods instead of Canned Foods

Descriptive essay: Explains the “what, why, how, when, and where’s” of a topic. For example, a descriptive essay about a tree would explain what it’s made of, why it grows, when it grows, and so on.

The Curse of the Dump

Busy, but fulfilled mother and professional

Opinion or argumentative essay: Describes a thing or event and defends a point of view or value

Shoud rich countries help poor countries

College and Success in Life

Comparison essay: Tells a story in a sequence of events. There should be some point, lesson, or idea gleaned from this narrative to make the essay meaningful.

Unemployed, take on your own future or take any job


Punctuation Basics

Comprehensive Rules for Punctuation



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Irregular Verbs

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