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We strongly support decent wages for the English tutor if the canditate undergoes training to become an expert English tutor, skilled and confident to teach English online.

Nowadays, it's commonplace to see an abundance of English tutors advertising on the Internet for their service, but the reality is that only few of them get to well paying clients. This stems from the fact that most clients tend to be short term and, mostly, want to advance their spoken English. Helping non-English speakers improve their spoken English is a daunting responsibility unless the client is interested in a long-term commitment.

Given that there are clients in this category, interested in long-term commitment and can afford prevailing English tutor fees of the US market, the challenge is how to be an English tutor these clients demand: exceptional English teaching skills online that calls for both a deep knowledge of the English language (any native American can speak English well), and the ability to impart this knowledge to the client. If the client wants to be able to pronounce a word, which is very hard for him or her because of their mother tongue that lacks the identical sound, the English tutor must deliver it regardless of the mother tongue disparity. Nonetheless, we hear from clients that the English tutor couldn’t teach the sound. What’d you think this impression of the client suggests? If you think that the client needs to be patient and it takes time to internalize different sounds than their native language, you may be right but not altogether.

The first and foremost, an English tutor candidate may need to undergo training and do the hard work of preparation to become an expert tutor. We ask English tutor applicants to take an English grammar test, a methodology test and learning technology test. Then, we will evaluate your test performance to admit you in our program, either as an expert tutor and we will assign you clients, or we will train you to become an expert tutor. If you are interested, please email your request for an interview to interview request, and we will contact you promtly.



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