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Take on your own future or take any job

by Sue Gench


Essay type: persuasive and four-paragraphs

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Click the benchmarks links below to understand each one and then read the essay. Each benchmark below highlights an element of persuasive essay.

1. Define a common issue clearly

2. Make a judgment and propose one or more solutions

3. Support the essay's main topic through appropriate illustrations

4. Give examples from experience

5. Engage the reader by anticipating shared concerns and stressing their importance

6. Take an authoritative stand on the topic

7. Use different strategies to elaborate and persuade


Take on your own future or take any job


Why should you take any job? "Because I need the money and I couldn't find the kind of job I want." is the most predictable answer to this question I suppose. Then, there are two predictable outcomes of this choice: you will either vigilantly continue searching for your dream job when employed on this job wrong for you, or stay on for good. The first outcome is the hard but right one to fulfill a gratifying future career. The latter is rather a common human behavior, a secure job with the cliche "I don't like my job.", then you turn around and say "but I have one." signals a future of an unfulfilled career. Given that the unemployment rate has spiraled in the last years, if you are a college educated young person and have a family or want to start one, you may think you have no choice but take any job or stick to the dead-end one you have now, I suggest you change your mind. You have a life ahead of you. Make the most out of what you have today, look at your circumstances as an opportunity to discover your potential to build your own future, and do great things in your life.

What are your talents? What makes you unique? Imagine if you had all the money in this world, what would you do? Do you enjoy writing, singing, dancing, discovering new ideas or things, researching on how to heal people medically or psychologically? Or do you want to learn a new language so that you can communicate with more people and make friends? Then, develop your talent by learning new skills to help others solve problems. Try proactively to exploit resources available to you in the present and find more to develop your talents, and use them. Or, take any job because you think you must survive. First, you have a valid reason here, but only for the short run. See others who have jobs but, nevertheless, are still unhappy. Maybe our biggest fault is our mindset that we want to be the same like everybody else, belonging to the herd. Here the irony is if belonging to the herd were the only source of happiness, we would be all happy but we are not. Likewise, some of us who have no jobs so must be unhappy, as society dictates, as if having a job is the only way to happiness. That said, in the US, 65 percent of the employed people today are not happy about their jobs and wish to be doing something else.

Some great men suffered poverty. They were unemployed at some point in their lives but not overwhelmed by it. Energized with their talents, they focused on what they could do, used their available resources to develop their talents. They wrote their books, discovered or invented objects that helped to improve human life, or made great leaders. For example, take the US President Barack Obama. A Harvard Law School graduate, he didn't pursue a high-prestige and high-paying corporate career but instead worked as a community organizer for impoverished communities and influenced them to organize to enhance their lives. Determined to be himself and true to his roots, he dropped his American name to use his native name, Barack. Now, look what he has achieved: He is the first Afro-American US President. President Barack Obama is not shy to talk about his financial difficulties in his biography. Another great leader Mahatma Gandhi lived a very modest life in terms of material gratification, but influenced his people to change their destiny from a British colony to an independent nation, further influencing other great leaders, such as Martin Luther King, the leader of the Civil Rights Movement of the United States. You may think an average person cannot achieve extraordinary success, but why do we forget each of us is unique? We all have inner potential to become the unique person we are meant to be if we can only overcome social norms tying us to the herd.

The ancient philosopher Seneca once said, "It is only through adversity a great men can be created." Assuming you are unemployed with plenty of time to do things for your personal development, think of one talent you have. Feel thankful about it. Think about how you can develop your talent. Develop it by learning new skills that will enable you to benefit from it. Treat your fact of unemployment as an opportunity to discover the great you, to find your niche for a happy and fulfilled life ahead of you.


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