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Tutorial on Parts of Speech


Overview of the Work Problem



Online Class Activities

Tutor Preparation


Best Practices:

  1. The student introduces a problem in the business world using his/her own work experience.

  2. The tutor prepares a simulation addressing the work problem of the student with an overview paragraph describing it and a conversation simulating it.

  3. The student and tutor discuses the work problem in the online class.

  4. The tutor explains parts of speech in the conversation: subject and predicate; nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verb.

Students will be able to use parts of speech correctly.

  1. Students will be able to write complete sentences in four different sentence forms: the positive form, the negative form, and the question form and the negative question form.

  2. Students will be able to recognize the parts of speech in a complete sentence: nouns, pronouns; adjectives and adverbs, and verbs.

  3. Students will be able to recognize the four sentence forms.


  1. The tutor will assign a homework on the student's work problem, and the student will answer the homework questions.

  2. The student will email the homework to the tutor before class, and the tutor will correct it for class discussion.

  3. The student will learn the vocabulary on the homework.

  4. The student will identify on the work problem the parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

Homework Questions : Student will write down homework answers in complete sentences and email them to the tutor.

1. Who are the two characters in this work problem?

2. Describe the problem.

3. Where did this problem occur? In the in the supervisor's office, online or in another area?

4. When did the work problem occur? Date and time?

5. How do you feel about the problem? Choose the options below that applies and then explain.

You were mistreated.

Your supervisor was unfair.

You were discriminated.

You have no opinion.

6. Describe Alice's (your supervisor's) manners. Was she professional or unprofessional; fair or unfair; polite or impolite; friendly or unfriendly? Give example lines from the conversation.

7. Rate your own performance in this meeting for: Excellent; Good; Fair. Explain your grade.

9. Give the activities you do to improve your writing?

10. Was this conversation helpful for you? What did you learn? Write a paragraph of 100 words.

Grammar Questions:
Using this conversation:

1. List the nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs; pronouns: objective pronouns, possessive pronouns

2. List subjective pronouns.

3. List objective pronouns.

4. List the verbs and the tenses.

Tutor Preparation:

1. The tutor will write up an overview and conversation pertaining to the student's real-life work problem, or simulate a work problem.

2. The tutor will explain the vocabulary of the overview and the conversation.

3. The tutor will email the overview and the conversation to the student.

Online Class Activities:

  1. The student reads out his or her work problem (homework) in class, one question at a time, and answers it. The tutor corrects the student when necessary.

  2. The tutor helps the student use the vocabulary.

  3. The student identifies parts of speech in the homework.

Overview of the Work Problem:

Ikbal (insert the student's name here) works as a/an software engineer (insert the student's profession here) in a company (insert here the name of the company or a hypothetical name). Ikbal has worked for this company over 2 years and believes he deserves a raise. He requests a meeting with Alice to discuss this matter, and he is given an appointment to see Alice. In the conference with Alice, he requests Alice (insert the supervisor's name here) give him a raise. Below is the conversation on the topic.


Alice: How can I help you today, Ikbal?

Ikbal: Thank you for asking, Alice. I'm here today to make a request for a raise.

Alice: I see. Go on.

Ikbal. I've worked more than two years already and received excellent ratings for my performance.

Alice: When was the last time we evaluated your performance?

Ikbal: It was six months ago. I was evaluated by the Personnel Department.

Alice: Let me see if I can pull out the record.

Alice excuses herself, goes to the file cabinet, and searches for Ikbal's file. Then she comes back with a folder.

Alice: Here's the evaluation form.

Ikbal: I have copy of it. Here it is.

Alice: Great. Let's look at it together.

Ikbal: Ok.

Alice: Problem solving: 4 points out of five; technical knowledge: 5; customer satisfaction 5; team work: 4; following instructions: 5; meeting deadlines: 5; attendance and punctuality: 5; communications skills 3.

Ikbal: I have a new evaluation on my team work skills.

Alice: Ok. That's also here. The last one is 5. How about the communications skills?

Ikbal: I'm working on my writing skills.

Alice: Have you taken a test recently on your writing skills?

Ikbal: No, I haven't, but I would like to do that.

Alice: Sure, I'll set up a schedule for you to take the test. If you pass it, you will get a 6 percent increase. That will cover both the first and second year's employment.

Ikbal: Thank you so much, Alice.

Alice: Don't thank me now. I'm just kidding. As soon as I get your test results, I will see you again.

Ikbal. That sounds good. Thanks again, Alice.

Alice: No problem.


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