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In Writing Tutor Plus Tutorial plan, you will meet with a US Native English tutor who will work with you on your writing skills. Yyou will have access to Writing Tutorials 24/7. This is a perfect bargain for those who need to improve their English writing skills and English Grammar. In live-chat sessions, your tutor will work with you using the Writing Tutorials content. We guarantee you will advance your English writing skills after you complete this plan.

Online Writing Tutorials are written for the levels below. For your Writing Tutor Plus Tutorial plan, you will buy one level and have access to it for three months. If you would like to continue with your Writing Tutor Plus Tutorial, you will renew your subscription again, or you can buy a Writing Tutorial by paying 25 USD only.

Buy Writing Tutor Plus Tutorial for 300 USD

Online Writing Tutorials Level 1: English Grammar Plus Writing Complete and Complex Sentences If you make grammatical errors in your writing, then take this tutorial. In this tutorial you will:

1. Learn English grammar and how to write grammatically correct and good sentences.

2. Learn how to edit your sentences; catch errors and understand your errors.

3. Revise your sentences with the knowledge of correct grammar and sentence construction.

4. Engage in writing activities you enjoy that will help you write well.

Online Writing Tutorials Level 2: Basic Writing and Writing a Paragraph. You may have a good knowledge of English grammar but still don't write well. Then, taking this tutorial will help you improve your basic writing skills. With this tutorial, you will learn how to:

Write a good paragraph. Write paragraphs pertaining to various topics for academic purposes if you are a student. If you are a professional or an office worker, you will engage in simulations that are real-life situations you experience at your work. In simulations, you will:

Write one-paragraph-long notes to your supervisor in that you will report problem situations with clients, work conditions, or your resentment about an unfair and disrespectful treatment you were subjected to.

Write one-paragraph-long notes to your coworkers, explaining tasks associated with a project you and your coworker collaborate in together or a problem you are having with a coworker.

Online Writing Tutorials Level 3: Writing Business Letters and Emails
. If your grammar is good and you have no such problems--as specified above in Level 1 and 2--but need to learn how to write business correspondence, such as email messages and business letters, then take this tutorial. In this tutorial you will:

Online Writing Tutorials Level 4: Writing Essays. This tutorial teaches how to write a basic essay of three/four-paragraph length. Take this tutorial if you need to pass a standardized test, such as SAT-English or TOEFL; or, if you are in high school or in college, this tutorial will endow you with basic essay writing skills. In this tutorial you will:

  1. Learn how to find best titles for your essays.

  2. Write to-the-point main topic statements.

  3. Add on introduction paragraphs with strong supporting sentences to discuss the main topic.

  4. Develop the supporting ideas in paragraphs following the main topic.

  5. Divide an essay into paragraphs and begin each paragraph with a topic statement.

  6. Explain, discuss, illustrate, compare and contrast, and defend your argument.

  7. End paragraphs with conclusion sentences. The conclusion sentence signals the ending of the supporting argument for the paragraph.

  8. Write transitional sentences to end paragraphs. You will learn when to write a conclusion or transitional sentence, to end a paragraph

  9. End the essay with a conclusion paragraph, summing up or reinforcing the main topic stated in the introduction paragraph.

  10. Demonstrate a good use of language tools for grammar, word choice and sentence construction. Your essays will be free of incorrect grammar, wrong word-choice, and awkward sentences. Your essays will demonstrate clarity and be easy-to-read.

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