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We are a US organization located in New York and, with our US Native Tutors, we tutor high school, college students and professionals for writing, as part of our program. We guarantee your writing skills will improve quickly after we begin to tutor you.

We pretest, post-test and evaluate your writing skills, and then customize the curriculum based on your performance. We tutor using LIVE-CHAT or, email or phone for the SAT-English, TEOFL test, and general business writing. Your tutor will test your progress during and after the completion of your tutor plan. Over the course, the tutor will modify the curriculum based on your progress.

As for business writing, a writing course in how to write a resume, business letter or a report, or in English grammar focuses on your particular needs. First, you take two trial lessons and if you are satisfied, you will enroll for a writing tutor plan. For trial lessons, you submit a writing sample, such as one-paragraph or a three-paragraph essay, for our review and assessment.

Please visit Enrollment to make your payment for two trial lessons. Feel free to contact us through email.



Show me Online Writing Courses

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