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Differences Between a Four and Three-Paragraph Essay

by Sue Gench

Example for a three-paragraph essay

Example for a four-paragraph essay

A well rounded essay consists of minimum four-paragraphs, generally speaking. If you have lots of information and enough time to write the essay, choose the four paragraph essay. On the other hand, if you are short of information and time, then write a three-paragraph essay.

Compare the example for four-paragraph essay with the example for three paragraph essay. For illustration, I have made the following changes to the four-paragraph essay to shorten it into three paragraphs: I have removed some details from the supporting paragraphs, and incorporated the second supporting paragraph to the first supporting one, and the end product is a three-paragraph essay. In doing so, I wanted to help you better contrast differences and compare similarities between a three-paragraph and four-paragraph essay.

The underlying difference between the two types is this: a four paragraph essay is far more detailed, giving more information to the reader and therefore it offers far more clarity. This advantage of a four-paragraph essay to ensure clarity is something that don't we all look for in writing?



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