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Recommendations for Writing a Good Paragraph



This lesson aims at US State Teacher Certification Basic Writing Skill, TOEFL or SAT-English, and to those who need to improve basic writing skills.

1. Make sure you understand the parts of a paragraph. A well written paragraph includes:

2. Write in simple English. Do not write to sound fancy. You may think now why then everybody tells me to improve my vocabulary, learn complex sentences and idiomatic expressions, and so on. Don't worry about it for now. You will use all that stuff in your writing after you become a good writer. Then, if you choose to use a fancy style, no one will dismiss your essays for their being written in a fancy style because your essays will be clearly understood. Your ideas will be well organized, and your topic well developed. So fancy style doesn't mean bad writing but it takes practice to use fancy vocabulary, phrases or idiomatic expressions skillfully in writing.

3. Practice makes it perfect! Do this favor to yourself: grab a pen and paper and write one paragraph whenever you have time, even a tiny bit of time. If you practice writing one good paragraph whenever and where ever you have a chance, at lunch and coffle breaks or even in the subway, you will improve your writing we guarantee. By practicing writing as often as possible without hard planings, you will write more. The more you write, the better you will become at it.




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