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We will definitely prepare you for the SAT-English test and raise your score. We provide certified US English Tutors, who are English language experts and highly experienced in teaching SAT-English and they will focus on your individual needs with a commitment to serve you best.

We offer options based on your needs ranging from comprehensive and long-term private tutoring to short-term SAT-English test preparation, all online. The comprehensive and long term SAT-English course helps students build solid English language skills in reading and critical thinking, and writing required for the SAT-English. We offer three or six-month long SAT-English tutor plans. The three-month long SAT-English tutor plan is designed for students who only need a quick brush up on reading and critical thinking, and writing; the six-month long SAT-English tutor plan is for comprehensive and intensive preparation. For more information, see Tutor Plans or choose an option from Enrollment. If you have any questions, please contact us through live-chat or email your inquiry to, and we will respond immediately.




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