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How to Write a Good Paragraph

See also the Parts of a Well Written Paragraph

If you are to take a standardized basic writing skill test, such as US State Teacher Certification Basic Writing Skill, TOEFL or SAT-English, or need to improve your basic writing skills, this lesson on how to write a good paragraph aims at your needs.

      1. Write down a main topic sentence.

      2. Think what you want to say next about this topic.

      3. Ask questions: the"what", "who", "where", "why", "how'../sat-preparation/examples-for-good-paragraph-page2.php">I like to eat healthy", "What foods are healthy?", "How do these foods provide good health?", are good supporting questions because answers to these questions help to explain the main topic.

      4. Write down whatever ideas come onto your mind.

      5. If you have written less than 3 sentences, think more to make it minimum three. For now, don't worry about your paragraph length.

      6. Answer this: Do your sentences explain the "what", "who", "where", "why", "how'../sat-preparation/supporting-sentences-who-why-how-etc.php">how to write good supporting sentences.

      7. Read aloud your supporting sentences. Do they sound natural to you? If they don't, rewrite them.

      8. Compare your paragraph with the example of a well written paragraph.



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