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Do you want to improve your spoken English? Here is an opportunity: You will speak with your US Native Tutor over the phone, get your lessons through email. All you need to is install Skype on your computer or mobile phone, and begin to make your calls to your tutor.


1) Please Register. As soon as we verify your registration information, we will contact you, usually within twenty-four hours.

2) You must have a desktop or laptop, or mobile phone with Skype installed. You can install Skype at http://skype.com.

3. Make calls within the scheduled times. We will certainly accommodate your schedule request according to your time-zone.

4. You must have an email address.

5. You must be prepared for your phone session in advance: ask questions on a topic of your curriculum.

6) Enroll making your payment through Pay Pal for 300 USD a month only! For this fee, we offer you 10 online lessons with a US native English tutor plus email support. For more information, see How an online English Tutor works with you.

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Thank you for your interest in our program. We are looking forward to working with you soon.


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