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You can work independently as well as with us. If you would like to work independently we offer you a website service plan. Please scroll down the page to select an option. To work with us please see our guidelines and then contact us.

We are an online English tutoring school located in New York with expertise in all aspects of web-based English-ESL instruction, including website design, instructional design, and teaching English or ESL. If you are an English or ESL teacher in need of your own website to teach from, we will do it for you for an affordable fee. We offer to serve you in three different ways:

Website Setup

We will setup your website with all pages you need to start out. We will create the pages: Home, About, Contact Us, Site Map, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and Register. The fee for the website setup is only 750 USD.

Training on the Website

We will train you on your website for how to operate it: create new pages, enter text, insert links, insert graphics, update pages, upload pages and download pages; login onto the server and update from the server panel. The fee for this service is 250 USD.

Training for Web-Based English-ESL Instructional Design

We will train you for how to use the Internet for English-ESL instruction; how to draw traffic to your website and increase readership; how to advertise your services using internet resources in most economically feasible ways; how to generate additional revenue from your website. The fee for this service is 250 USD.

Email Support for Website Administration

We provide email support for a yearly subscription or six months. The fees are 50 USD for one-year subscription and 25 USD for a six-month subscription.

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