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How to Start the Essay


If you have a good title for your essay already, focus on the title and its key words.

  1. Using the title, ask questions and write down all your thoughts streaming onto your mind.
  2. When writing down your stream of thoughts, never worry about the sentence construction, grammar, or vocabulary but attend your thoughts in the first place. All your thoughts you have written down is your draft.
  3. Read aloud your draft. Do you recognize a new idea every time you read aloud your draft? For a new idea, you can make a paragraph.
  4. Think about the topic sentence of each paragraph. Write down your thoughts again.
  5. Read aloud each paragraph. Does every sentence in the paragraph give new information about the topic of the paragraph? Does every sentence help to explain more about the topic? If it does, then keep that sentence, if it doesn't remove it. Do this process for each paragraph.
  6. How many paragraph do you need to write? Three paragraphs, four paragraphs or more than four paragraphs? Then, see how you can organize your essay in terms of a three-paragraph or four-paragraph essay or more.
  7. Read aloud your draft again. Does the reading sound smooth and ideas coherent? Do you see a new idea strikingly different from the topic of the paragraph? Or, does this idea need to relocate in the same paragraph somewhere else? Cut and paste that sentence(s) into its new location where it belongs.
  8. Edit your essay. Read aloud when editing it. Reading aloud helps to see errors easily.





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