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How to Write Easy-to-Read Essays


In order to write an easy-to-read essay, use different sentence forms. "It is never too late to drop bad eating habits. I was an obese teen. Because of the guidance, love and encouragement of my parents, the community, and medical intervention I received, I am no longer obese today." There are three different sentence forms in this paragraph.

The first sentence voices the third single person in the past but the second the first-single person, and the third sentence is a complex sentence in the present. The use of three different sentence forms in terms of subject, verb tense and sentence type (simple and complex sentence) makes the paragraph easy-to-read.

"I was an obese teen. But I knew it was never too late. Because I received love, guidance and encouragement from my parents and the community, and medical intervention, I am no longer obese today." This alternate version of the topic, the same as in in first paragraph, includes two sentences. Both sentences begin with the same subject form, the first single person. As a result, it feels not as easy-to-read as compared to the first paragraph.





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